How to Fake a Flawless Complexion

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Having a flawless, discolored and blemish-free skin is a great asset especially for women. But with all the factors causing irritations – genetics, pollution, over-exposure to sunlight, having a flawless skin may be difficult to attain. Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and severe acne pose a problem and hinder the achievement of a flawless look. To obtain a flawless and seemingly unblemished skin, one can turn into make-ups. When applied right, you can have a complexion to achieve the “perfect” skin you want.

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Use a mild Cleanser and Moisturizer

To have a flawless look, you have to start with a clean canvas – a clean skin. It is best to use a cleanser that is gentle on your skin but effectively removes dirt off the skin’s surface. A mild cleanser is water-based, contains harmless chemicals and is suited for your skin type. Skin hydration is also important. Even if you have blemishes, moisturizer improves the pimples by preventing dryness, redness, flaking and irritation.

Choose a good concealer

Test the shade before buying a concealer. Choose a concealer that will match the color of the skin. Yellow concealer works well with dark circles around the eyes, skin bruises and reddish spots. Lavender concealers can help prevent the skin from looking pale and yellowish. It can also be used under the eye circles. Green colored concealers neutralize reddened skin, skin with rosacea and reddening pimples. Apply it with your fingers or use a sponge or a concealer brush, gently dabbing and blending it around the area. Make sure to attain major coverage.


Apply evenly a thin layer of liquid foundation over the face and neck. Use just a small amount of foundation. The secret to having a good foundation is blending. Use a foundation brush and swirl it evenly around the area.

Apply Face Powder

Choose a face powder that is right for your skin tone. Do not use a powder that is two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. Non comedogenic face powder is your best bet to have maximum coverage with minimal irritation. With the use of a sponge or a brush, dab it in the powder. Then, gently tap it against the container to remove the excess powder. Apply it around the face gently, using circular strokes around the face and neck area to set the foundation.


The face is not meant to have a uniform color; a hint of rosiness is needed to highlight the contour of the face, jaw line and cheekbones. Swirl the blush applicator in the blusher, tap to remove the excess blush and prevent clots. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. If too much is applied, dab a bit more face powder over the top of the cheeks to tone it down.

True, a flawless looking skin may be difficult to achieve overnight. The next best thing to a blemish-free skin is a good coverage. Using a good make-up and applying it with deftness can help you a flawless look.

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How to Fake a Flawless Complexion, Seekyt
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