How to Fake a Summer Tan

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One of the things that excite people about summer is the chance to have a sun-kissed look by tanning the skin. Tanning is a natural process of exposing the skin to ultra violet rays (UV Rays) in order to darken the skin color. Tanned skin is deemed to be a healthier than pale skin. Recently, researchers and scientists have warned people about basking on the sun for a prolonged period of time, telling them about the effects such as severely burned skin, faster aging skin and even the chance of having skin cancer. Due to the present condition of the ozone layer, people often opt for artificial tanning. Below are some of the ways on how to fake a summer tan.

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Self Tanner

There are a lot of self tanning solutions available in the market today. Find a good self-tanner that will look good and compliment your skin color and type. To do self-tanning, the first step is to exfoliate the skin. It is best to exfoliate one day before tanning. Make sure to exfoliate the elbows and knees to prevent streaking of the self-tanning solution around the body. Next step is to moisturize. This keeps the body hydrated and healthy. Third, apply the tanner. Work your way from the feet to the upper body. Remember to use just enough amount. Lastly, let the tanner settle down. Use a fan or blow dry for best result.

Tanning Bed

If you cannot attain that caramel-tone that you are looking for, visit a tanning salon for professional help. Getting a tan from a spa or tanning salon by using a tanning bed is a great help to attain the fake summer tan in just few minutes. For starters, start with a short duration, low intensity session to let your body be familiar with tanning bed. Add few minutes every session and achieve a noticeable tanned look. Since professionals do this type of fake tanning, expect that the cost is pricey compared to do-it-yourself tanners.


Tanning using airbrush costs around $85 and is another popular way to achieve a sun-kissed look. A bronzer is applied like a paint all over the body. The application is often flawless, lasting for more than a week.

Spray-tan booth

Spray-tan booths are more affordable version of airbrush. Clients are asked to enter a concealed booth. An automatic spray is turned on to spray tan all over the body. Once done, clients are asked to step out of the booth. Excess tanning solution is then rubbed off for an even tan. This method may also last for more than a week, depending on how many times you shower, bathe or swim. The drawback of using spray-tan booths is the noise the spray makes. Another is the limited space of the enclosed booth, which is a big no-no for claustrophobic people.

Decide whether to use a do-it-yourself tanning or go to a professional spa or tanning salon. Do some research before choosing, paying close attention to warnings and disclaimer. Enjoy your instant summer tan without the hassles of basking under the sun.

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