How To Fast

Every year, on Yom Kippur, Jews all over the world fast. This is a 25 hour fast. It is an abstaining from all food and all drink; including water. It is a day of prayer.

Yom Kippur starts at Sundown and goes to 1 hour after the next Sundown.

It is a fast millions of people complete safely and successfully.

Here is how.

In the weeks leading up to Yom Kippur drink a lot of water. A lot. Drink a few of those energy drinks the day before.

Eat well balanced meals, don’t stuff. In fact, go a bit ‘under’ your usual fare. Avoid all alcohol a week before the fast begins.

On the day of the fast, eat breakfast, eat lunch a bit late, than have a full dinner. Drink a lot of water with your meal. No sugar. No coffee. Water.

Brush your teeth well. Drink water.

Then go to bed.

In the morning, we will be praying all day, if you are not praying, do meditation, some yoga, and relax. Concentrate on your life.

If you have consumed a good portion of water you won’t have that Sahara desert field at 1 pm.

You will probably feel the first hunger pains some time in the afternoon, ignore them.

As the sun sets, you wait to see three stars. The fast is over. Drink water or fruit juice than have a small meal.

About two hours later, have another small meal. Drink a lot of water.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to fast when you are fully hydrated, when you have trained your system not to go to the full belly to bursting during the previous weeks.

By keeping yourself a little hungry during the previous weeks your body adapts to the slight empty feeling, so when you fast, your body isn’t shocked by it.

There are many reasons to fast, outside of religious ones.

There is the ‘my pants can’t zip’ fast.

Imagine, your clothes that you have worn before now are too tight. They didn’t shrink, you have gained weight.

On Friday night, after dinner, take a wash out. This could be anything from castor oil to milk of magnesia, whatever gets you to empty your bowels.

Drink water, eat nothing. Eat nothing until the sun goes down, and then have a very light meal.

Hopefully, this makes the pants fit.

Sometimes you’ve gone so far that you are now fat. Besides changing your diet, you want to wash out and fast one day a week while you cut down on your intact. Remember, you are walking around with a lot of last week’s food in your gut. You need to clean out your body first.

If you are overweight, one wash out might not be enough. You might have to do one a week for two weeks, skip a week, then two again.

If you know how to do a fast you can be successful. You won’t faint, you won’t die, and unless you have serious health problems, it is really good for you to do this kind of cleaning of your system.