How to Feng Shui your kitchen for financial prosperity and domestic harmony

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Feng Shui Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen is that part of house that we use the most. The source of energy that is food is cooked here and so kitchen is thought to be a place of generating family bonding, domestic happiness and good health. All the kitchen elements, therefore are needed to be clean and well arranged. The kitchen articles, appliances, position of the kitchen, design and decoration, furniture all should be done in such a way that it encourages good luck and mental and physical well being. A well-designed Feng Shui can be the fountain of all these positivities. As kitchen is the most ideal place for all the five Feng Shui elements that is fire,water,wood,metal and earth it is quite easier to make it a better portion to source financial prosperity and fortune of the house.

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Kitchen position is very vital for Feng Shui emphasizing the element of fire. According to that a kitchen is good to be at the east or south to the house. North east or south west part is supposed to be a neutral one as it brings neither bad luck nor good. The kitchen must not be right beside or down a toilet. It should not face direct to a front door or staircase. Kitchen should be disjoined from the dining room. Apart from that south eastern position of kitchen is suggested for applying wood element to attract family health. Central placement of kitchen must be avoided to discourage bad health or monetary problems. The kitchen doors and other doors should be closely arranged for the same purpose.

Wood surface is most suitable for kitchens. But if wood is not possible green or blue tiles between stoves and sink are fine to balance it. Kitchen ought to be square in shape in stead of rectangular or triangular shape. For those kitchens that have very small space it is good to place a wind chime at the entrance of the kitchen or expand the area by keeping mirrors above the stove.

The kitchen must be clean and tidy to keep away all the negative energy. All the junks must be thrown off and clutter must be cleared out. The food shelves,cupboards and refrigerators must be cleaned everyday for ensuring health. The garbage is to be emptied and the shelves and cupboards are advised not to have sharp edges pointing at you while cooking food as it is thought to be inauspicious. Fresh food is good to be kept in the kitchen and for domestic luck the kitchen is always suggested to keep shinny and smell-free. Unused cooking articles and damaged equipments should be removed from the kitchen to make it a better place for promoting financial improvement. The food to be eaten is preferred to be natural and fruits or vegetables are the best choice for healthy food that leads to increased income.

Place your stove at such a direction that the cook can see the full view of the room or mirrors can be placed just beside the stove to allow you to have an entire view of the kitchen reflected through it. Do not position the stove right under skylight or beside the window. The sink and stove must not be adjacent or opposite to each other as keeping fire and water together or facing each other is not a good sign because these two elements fight each other. Make sure not to have gas leakages.

Poor lighting symbolizes bad health and hence the kitchen is supposed to be well-lit and ventilated so that free flow of chi cannot be blocked.Water and fire elements should always be separated from each other. Oven, Microoven all should be well taken care of. Micro oven must not be placed above the stove. The refrigerator is best suited to the south-east corner of the kitchen.

Feng Shui Designs for Wealth : Feng Shui Kitchen Design Tips

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How to Feng Shui your kitchen for financial prosperity and domestic harmony, Seekyt
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