How to Find a Quality Managed IT Service

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Deciding to go with a managed IT service is a wise decision; it’s cheaper, more efficient, and an overall better choice for most companies. That said, there are several important distinguishing factors to look for in an IT company that will set them apart from others. Doing a little research will ensure that you pick a company that is a perfect match for you.

Scope of Services Provided

The scope of services provided by the managed IT service will give you an indication of their level of knowledge and their capacity to handle systemic issues. Companies with a limited scope of services may not be able to adequately address the problems that arise. On the contrary, companies with an expansive range of services are competent in many areas and have the certification and training needed to address multiple concerns. Many IT issues require a broad range of knowledge. As such, companies that offer a broad range of services can give you confidence that they can both prevent and resolve problems.

Response Time

Response time is an implication of the efficiency and reliability of a company. Enquiring about response time will help you get a clear picture of how efficient the company is in handling issues. Whilst response time is important, it’s also equally essential to consider other factors, including the quality of support and the overall customer satisfaction and ratings. Response time should never be interpreted alone without taking other factors into consideration. A quick response time means little if the quality of the response is limited.

Quality of Support

The next factor is the quality of support. Is the support offered 24/7, or do they have minimal operation time? What are the different types of support offered? Is it easy to get in contact with support, or are there barriers that make it frustrating and confusing? Asking questions like this can help you identify the accessibility of the support team.
Another question is whether the support is tailored to your needs. Outsourced support can result in limited solutions that do not sufficiently address your issues. For a company that offers the highest quality support and convenient contact options, visit

Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

The best indicator of a managed IT service provider’s quality is their overall customer satisfaction and ratings. Customer satisfaction and ratings inform you about a company’s level of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. The IT Service Management Forum (ITSMF) has a recommended level of customer satisfaction. Companies that far exceed ITSMF’s customer satisfaction standard are likely to provide superior service that is thorough, quick, and responsive. Look to see how a company’s customer satisfaction scores compare to the scores recommended by ITSMF.

In sum, finding a high quality managed IT service provider does not have to be a challenge. Looking at multiple factors, including the scope of services provided, response time, quality, and customer satisfaction, will give you the information you need to pick a reputable company. You deserve peace of mind and superior quality when it comes to your IT needs.