How to find and keep Mr. Right?

This is all about finding and keeping the right partner for life. I’m sure that every single one of you girls, at least once in your life, asked yourself if the right guy exists?! Well, I will share with you my experiences in this and, with a few well intended advices, hopefully, restore your faith in love and men in general.

Give and you shall receive

First, I must admit that I have always had luck in my love life. You could even say that I am spoiled and too demanding. In spite of all that, I have learned the most important thing – YOU CANNOT GET anything UNTIL YOU GIVE something! Believe me, it is not all about luck and good fortune, it is mostly about the way you think and about the way you act in your love life and your relationship.

Discover yourself

Before you start looking for Mr. Right, you have to know and understand yourself. Take objective and realistic look at yourself. Explore all your faults and all your virtues. Start improving and change whatever it is that you do not like about yourself. Even if you cannot change some things, package it all into one shiny representation called ME and find a way to love yourself. This is the first and most important step because, in order to be loved, you have to love yourself.

By loving yourself, you will attract love with the positive energy, irresistible smile and happiness radiating from the core of your being. Internal beauty was always strongest and most attractive.

Who are you looking for?

Next step is also very important because, in order to find Mr. Right in the crowd full of Mr. Wrongs, you have to know what do YOU want! So, take a paper and pencil and note down all the basic and most important traits of your future partner. The previous step should help you in creating realistic demands in accordance with who you really are. Be realistic, honest towards yourself, and you will soon find your ideal partner and be happy with him, or, most probably, he will find you!

Love is never a done deal

Now that you have found your Mr. Right, you have to learn how to keep him! Don’t forget that love is never a done deal. Love is something that you have to work on every day because, if taken too lightly, in time it can become a routine, fade away and, finally, disappear.

So my dears, never forget who you are and who is the person that your man fell in love with. Never relax, neglect your looks and allow everyday issues and routine to take over your life.

Spice up your life

Next thing that you have to remember is to surprise and amaze your man with some provocative underwear, scented bath, candlelight dinner and anything else that comes to your mind, that can take you both away from your common daily routine and bring you back together. It would also be great if you can mange to take some nice trip together where you can devote all your time to one another.

Don’t be annoying

Always remember one thing, be your own, satisfied with yourself and please, don’t be petty and nervous around your man because nobody finds that attractive. Create your own small world filled with love and loving moments – that will create a life worth living. Even if you break up, do not despair. It is not the end of the world and find consolation in the fact that it was beautiful while it lasted and that you will soon be ready to find new love.

Mr. Right is out there

These few simple advices are enough to help you find Mr. Right and, believe me, he really does exist and with enough faith in yourself, you will find him! Up to you is only to smile irresistibly and your magic can begin…