How to Find Beds Under 200 Dollars

Before you buy your bed you’ll need to conduct some research into the various brands and models of beds. If you don’t know what is out there on the market it can be hard to find a decent bed under 200 dollars. A bed at this price is on the lower end of the scale in terms of cost so you need to be careful about what you buy. You won’t get a fancy bed at this price so know your limits when you conduct your research.


The easiest way to research your new bed is to use one of the many comparison sites online. This allows you to compare the bed across the Internet and see which retailers are have the best prices. In some cases you can save a lot of money just by shopping online as quite a few retailers now offer free shipping when you buy over a certain dollar amount. Many online stores also have deep discounts if you buy online instead of in the store. Make a list of the beds under 200 dollars that appeal to you and pick a few that you like. Don’t rush this research process just take your time until you find the right bed.

Beds Under 200 Dollars
Retail Shopping

If you’re not going to use the Internet then you have a few options to find a decent beds under 200 dollars at regular store. First of all you should always shop just before or after a holiday season. This is when the best sales ar? on and you may be able to get a cheap bed. Stores need to move their old inventory and this is the best time to buy a larger piece of furniture such as a bed. Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day after Easter, and other holidays are perfect times to buy. You may need to wait ion lineups but the savings you receive are well worth the effort.

Liquidation and Closeouts

Another way to find a cheap bed is to shop liquidation warehouses where they are just trying to unload beds and other furniture at rock bottom prices. These stores turn over stock very quickly so you need to buy as soon as you find something you like, don’t wait the next day or the item will be gone. You also want to watch for closeouts where the store is going out of business and they are unloading their goods. These opportunities can save you a lot of money if you shop smart.

Beds Under 200 Dollars

You can find beds under 200 dollars if you’re patient. Use the search function and comparison sites of the Internet to narrow down your choices. When shopping offline, shop during or after holidays. Try liquidation warehouses or closeouts too as other ways to find beds under 200 dollars.