How To Find Deleted Facebook Posts?

Find Deleted Facebook Posts

Is it possible to find deleted Facebook posts? The answer to this query is simply, yes. It is once said that anything you post in the internet will always be there even if you deleted it, intentionally or accidentally. Before, only computer and IT specialists can perform this complicated task. Today, with the growth of numerous computer applications and procedures, finding deleted any social network posts has become a simple matter. With that, how can someone find social network posts that are deleted? Here are some options you can try.

E-mail notifications

Every website that requires registration before one can have full access of their website sends notifications to your e-mail account. In every notification, a brief description of a transaction is presented including the whole post or message that is sent to you. Facebook does this as well. In this process you will only be able to read deleted post and not fully recover it. How is this done?

As you know whenever someone sends you a message and tagged you in an image or post, Facebook will update you by means of a notification. Whenever you want to read deleted posts, all you need to do is to log-in to your e-mail account. Afterwards, type “Facebook” in the search option. All notifications sent by Facebook will be sorted out. This option is only applicable is you don’t frequently delete messages in your e-mail accounts. You can also check junk or spam folder if you can’t find it in your main folder. Sometimes, servers sort this type of mails as spam and forward it in the spam folder.

URL link and browsing history

Another option you can do to find deleted Facebook posts is to save the URL. In a research conducted by the University of Cambridge, they discovered that social networks don’t discard copies of uploaded data in their servers. Thus, obtaining deleted posts have become possible.

In their experimentation process, they saved the URL of a certain Facebook post. After deleting the post, they tracked the URL and found out that the post is still available even after months have passed. However, you can’t practically save all the URLs of every post and image in your Facebook wall. You might want to do this option if you received or encountered relevant posts and important messages.

The same process is applied in terms of browsing history. You can always check your browser for any saved searches and previous transactions.

Software and Facebook applications

In Facebook, applications and add-ons are available that would allow you to find deleted Facebook posts. This process can be complicated. Nonetheless, you can follow every step in order for it to work.

As for software, there available software you can download that can undelete e-mails. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can go back to the first option which is email notifications to read deleted posts. The most common software used is Email recovery tool 5.0.1.


With these options, recovering deleted posts in your social network accounts can be possible. For this reason, posting offensive and irrelevant remarks should be minimized because it can be traced. Nonetheless, if you’ve accidentally deleted important messages and posts, you can just do any options presented here to find deleted Facebook posts.