How To Find Free Items to Sell on Ebay

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash and are considering selling on eBay I can tell you where to get things for free that you can turn around and sell on eBay for a profit. If you are familiar with selling on eBay then you are already ahead of the game. It is good to familiarize yourself with postage costs for different sized envelopes packages and weights from your shipping point so that when you are looking at your free items you can tell if they would be worth taking and trying to sell.

There are a few great places to get all kinds of free things given to you that you can turn around and sell on eBay the moment you get home. One of the easiest places to get free items is to look on the internet on websites in your area that focus on selling anything and everything. If the site offers free ads then you will most definitely find people trying to give away things for free. People don’t like to throw things away either because they don’t want to throw it in the dump or they know someone somewhere might be able to use the item. Some people just want things gone and don’t care who takes it as long as it’s taken. So look for online classified websites for your area and search for free items. If you are quick you will come away with some nice things to sell. You have to be quick though because you are not the only person thinking of this.

Another great way to get free things to turn around and sell on eBay is to go to garage sales just before they are scheduled to end and advise the homeowners that you would be more than happy to haul away all of their unwanted items as long as you can have them for free. I have had great success doing this and have made a ton of money this way. You just have to build up the nerve to ask but honestly you are doing the homeowners a favour. It is quite possible that they had no way to haul things away and that is why they are having the garage sale in the first place.

Another great way to get some quality items for free to sell on eBay is to scour your papers and online ads for places that are having fundraiser sales where people have donated hundreds of books, cd’s or even clothing and use the same method I suggested for approaching garage sale hosts. Tell the fundraiser help that after they are done trying to raise money selling the items on hand you would be willing to haul away everything that is left at no charge to them.

Try these methods to get free things to sell on eBay and you will be rolling in the cash in no time at all. All it takes is a few of these methods to work every 6 months or so and you will have quite a bit of extra cash for your efforts. The nice thing about eBay is that you have millions more viewers than the garage sale or fundraiser had so chances are that you will sell the items. One tip I would like to offer you is to not get greedy and ask ridiculous amounts for the free items you acquired. Just remember that you did get everything for free so you don’t need to make much for a profit. Just make sure the buyer pays for your shipping and packaging costs.