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How to find out best anti-wrinkle creams and active ingredients?

When you begin to notice unsightly folds starting to develop around your eye and mouth areas, neck, and at the back of your hands, it’s time to tackle wrinkles seriously. Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of aging but also aggravated by years of unprotected sun exposure, poor lifestyle choices, and even medication drugs that cause skin to become dull, lifeless, and wrinkled.

What are anti-wrinkle creams?

Anti-wrinkle creams or anti-aging creams are generally moisturizer-based products, the objective of which, rightfully or falsely claimed, is two-pronged. First objective is to stop further damage to the skin, and second, to reverse signs of skin aging.

How do anti-wrinkle creams work?

Wrinkles naturally form as you get older because collagen production slows down and are produced by the skin in much lesser amounts than when you were ten years younger. Collagen are skin fibers found in the dermis, or the second layer of your skin. These fibers are responsible for repairing damaged skin and helps skin capture and lock in moisture so as to prevent skin dryness and stop wrinkles from forming.

Anti-wrinkle creams are based on that very principle: that when there is sufficient amount of collagen in the skin, damaged skin is instantly renewed thus, preventing dryness that makes skin more prone to developing wrinkles and fine lines.
Anti-wrinkle creams, thus, contain a wide variety of active ingredients that have been scientifically found to help skin stay moist and elastic. Below is a list of the most commonly used active ingredients incorporated in eye creams and what they do to your skin:

• Antioxidants, most commonly preferred are topical Vitamin C products, helps halt skin damage by neutralizing free radicals to prevent damage that causes new wrinkles to form.
• Alphahydroxy acids (AHA) are reputed as mild exfoliants that effectively yet gently lift dead and damaged skin cells, and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. The exfoliating effect of AHAs also allows other anti-wrinkle ingredients to penetrate skin deeper and more easily.
• Hyaluronic Acid draws out moisture from the dermis and from the surrounding air, making skin plump and appear wrinkle-free.
• Hydroquinone is the best ingredient to look for if hyperpigmentation is your issue. It stops melanin production to give you an even skin tone.
• Peptides are smaller chains of amino acids that make up collagen which are required for skin tissue repair and rebuilding processes.
• Retinol stop further breakdown of collagen, and stimulates skin to produce more collagen to help fight and reverse skin aging.

How to find the best anti-wrinkle cream:

• Produced by a reputable manufacturer. If the anti-wrinkle cream comes from a trusted brand, there’s a bigger chance that is was created with a considerable amount of R&D, and its claims are backed by scientific evidence. More practically, you can rest assured that the product is safe and effective.
• Contains active ingredients. Active ingredients, such as the ones enumerated in the previous section, may be derived from a variety of organic and chemical sources. Go for products that are made of natural plant extracts to enhance safety for your skin and overall health, but also to maximize the skin rejuvenating benefits these active ingredients have to offer.
• Non-comedogenic and chemical-free. When a product is non-comedogenic, it does not clog your pores, contain no or little oil, and are often water-based. Water-based anti-wrinkle creams are more easily absorbed deeply by the skin.
• Cost-effective and no side effects. An anti-wrinkle cream need not break your bank. Read consumer reviews and try to get a sample before betting your hard-earned money on it, just to make sure you’re spending on an effective product.
• Available in special formulations for different skin types. When choosing your anti-wrinkle cream, keep in mind that different types of skin need different kinds of care. Make sure your product is available in a formulation that suits your skin needs.
• Works on all types of wrinkle problems. The idea is to keep your skin care routine simple, so your anti-wrinkle cream need not be complicated. There’s no one beauty bottle that can answer all you skin aging issues but there must be one that can solve all your wrinkle issues.

Final Thoughts

Fad and ads should not be your basis for choosing an anti-wrinkle cream. Get educated, research, and ask around. It’s the only way for you to find out what works and what doesn’t.

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