How to Find Rare Error Coins from Your Pocket Change

Many rare coins are regularly circulated and error coins can be worth much more than their face value. There are some coins potentially worth $50 to $100 or more at a coin store in Florida depending on their rarity, and if you spend a bit of time going through your pocket change on a regular basis you are likely to find a rare error coin eventually. Error coins can be found every type of coin including pennies, dimes and nickels.south florida coin shop

How to Find Error Coins to Sell at a South Florida Coin Shop

The first thing that you should do is pick up a good magnifier. You will need anywhere from 6x to 10x but 10x is preferable for finding flaws. When you begin, sort out your coins by the type (pennies, dimes, and nickels) — this will help you compare them and find flaws. Look for anything out of the ordinary such as a missing inscription, a repunched mintmark, an overpunched mintmark or other valuable flaw.

Repunched or Overpunched Mintmarks are Valuable Flaws

Overpunched and repunched mintmarks are valuable flaws as well as missing inscriptions, and they can fetch a high price at a coin shop in Florida. The coin mintmark is the symbol or letter that identifies where the coin was minted. For instance, a penny with the letter “D” underneath the date on the front signifies that the coin was minted in Denver. When there is no mint mark, it usually means that the coin was minted in Philadelphia, as coins minted in that city often miss the mint mark.

A repunched mintmark is a coin with two of the same mintmark which is caused by a human error. The US Mint used to manually punch the mintmark on each coin until 1990, and sometimes the coin die, (the steel rod with the coin’s face used to strike the coin) would have multiple mintmarks which would result in two mintmarks being punched on the coin. These specimens can be appraised at a substantial price at a South Florida coin shop, as they are collectible and rare.

An overpunched mintmark is a coin that has two mintmarks punched on top of each other, for instance a coin might have a P for Philadelphia punched on top of a D for Denver. Some coins were punched with different mintmarks on accident, and although most of these coins are normally caught before they are sent off to circulation, a few made it out up until 1990. These specimens are also valuable at a coin store in Florida and they are rare.

Contact South Florida Coins if You Think you Have a Rare Coin

There are several other valuable coin flaws that you may be able to find in your pocket change. If you think that you have a rare error coin or to learn more about rare coins and coin errors, contact South Florida Coins at (561)-600-5611. South Florida Coins is one of the leading and most knowledgeable coin stores in Florida and can appraise rare coins, precious metals, jewelry and more.