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How to Find the Best Car Rental in Qatar?

Whether renting a car for vacation, a business trip or simply heading downtown, it’s one of many overwhelming expenses. Most people don’t actually know how to bargain the best rental deals and avoid pitfalls thus end up overspending. Distance from pick-up to rendezvous point, all influences the rate while car size, features and insurance coverage adds further. Luckily, many companies today provide special deals for customers so you just need to keep a closer eye. With excellent bargaining skills and planning, you’ll land the best deal ever. The more you know; more you can save so don’t ignore this post.

Begin Early
Start hunting for the best rental car rates as early as possible as good deals won’t last longer. If you need a vehicle right from the airport, this is a perfect spot to find lots of rental companies however with a much higher cost. Determine and pre-book the vehicle before flight and you might’ve numerous options at your disposal.

Compare Rates
Browse online and compare rental rates from as many companies as possible. Price varies by region and from a company to another so expanding your research will broaden the choices as well. Don’t settle with the first available option as this is a common mistake everyone makes frequently. Book directly from a company without involving an intermediary or you’ll have to pay double.

Determine Route & Mileage
Companies may charge extra over specific routes and number of miles traveled. Ask if they provide any incentive such as a full fuel tank or any other coverage. When visiting the company personally to pick up the vehicle, it’ll cost you less rather than a representative driving to your place.

Smaller is better!
It’s an old saying that; “the bigger, the better” but opposite is true when it comes to rent a car in Qatar. Bigger vehicles usually come with additional luxuries thus a higher rent plus more fuel consumption! Smaller ones are a smart choice only if you’re traveling solo or with a partner, not suitable for a family trip especially when having children.

Subscribe Online
Visit official website of different car rental companies and subscribe to their newsletter. This is the best way to receive updates on best deals and discount on special occasions. Attached with most of these emails are coupons that you can avail at the time of rental. Also get special incentives on different coupons such as free upgrade, extra mileage, additional rental days for free so on.

Check with Travel Companies
Almost every other travel agency provide additional features as part of their service and car rental is one of them. When booking air tickets, ask if they provide rent-a-car within the prescribed budget or how much you’ll have to bear. Whatever the cost, it’s probably cheaper than individual companies so here’s another option. Shop around, look for specialty sites but don’t jump blindly. Be thorough and subtle!

Go for Reputable Companies
Though it’s possible that renowned companies charge extra, their services are simply outstanding with added benefits. Such car rentals are available in prime metropolitan areas especially near airport and train station. There’s nothing wrong paying extra when getting additional benefits; at-least you’ll be relieved from last minute hassles and poor quality service!

Choose from Different Vehicles
When visiting car rental companies, determine rate of all vehicles and go for the best one! Who knows you may land a big vehicle at a price of smaller car. All you need is to investigate a bit and negotiate.

The above tips would definitely help you land the best car rental deals in Qatar. Make sure you read it all beforehand.

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