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How To Find the Best Eyelash Growth Products?

How To Find the Best Eyelash Growth Products?

What Are Eyelash Growth Products?
Eyelash growth products have become very popular today. One of the main reasons for this is because of substantial evidence that the most popular eyelash enhancement options (false eyelashes and eyelash extensions) are potentially dangerous. Aside from the increasing risk of eye infection and other problems, eyelash extensions and false eyelashes also have a high tendency of damaging the user’s natural lashes or even causing them to fall out. Thus, the user typically ends up with much less natural lashes or eye/skin problems. Eyelash growth products essentially speed up the growth process of the lashes while at the same time strengthening them to prevent premature breakage. This allows the user to have longer, thicker and more remarkable natural lashes.

How Do These Eyelash Growth Products Work?
Eyelash growth products have different mechanisms of action. However, most products work by strengthening the eyelashes, which allows them to grow longer without breaking or falling out. Some products extend the life cycle of the lashes so they become longer before falling out. There are also products formulated to enhance the growth process for faster and more considerable results. Remember that there are different formulations that offer different benefits so choosing a product depends mostly on your personal goals.

Are Eyelash Growth Products Safe?
Not all eyelash growth products are the same and many contain potentially harmful ingredients. This is the main reason you need to be very careful in choosing a eyelash enhancer. To ensure your safety, inspect the formulation of the product thoroughly and check whether each ingredient is clinically proven to be free from side effects. Doing so will help you discover the products that are not just effective but also completely safe.

The Top Products This Year
There are hundreds of eyelash enhancement products being sold today making it very difficult to choose one. To help you find the best product for you, here is a short list of the top products this year in terms of effectiveness and safety.

City Lash
City Lash is one of the most popular eyelash growth products today and it has been available for some time. However, there are mixed reviews on the product with most saying it takes a long time to show results. The problem is that it claims to offer substantial eyelash enhancement within 42 days, but many users say it doesn’t live up to the claim.

MaxoLash is from Dermagevity which is a highly regarded skin care company. It contains clinically proven ingredients and the product is hypoallergenic as well. It is free from potentially harmful ingredients and the formula itself is backed by clinical data. The majority of customer feedback says this is a product that really works. This is definitely one of the most effective eyelash growth products today offering fast and considerable results.

Idol Lash
Idol Lash essentially claims to make the user’s eyelashes longer and thicker naturally. There are many good reviews on the product, but there is very little information available on its formulation. Also, it is not clinically proven to be effective and it comes from an unknown manufacturer. Still, it is one of the most popular eyelash enhancement products on the market with many loyal users.

RevitaLash is one of the best eyelash conditioning products today. It essentially works by conditioning the eyelashes helping them grow longer, stronger and thicker for more remarkable eyelashes naturally. Despite the good feedback from customers, the downside probably is its price as it’s about twice the price of other eyelash growth products. Another problem is that some individuals reported experiencing eye and/or skin irritation from the formula.

LiLash also promotes the faster growth of eyelashes and it claims to help extend the life cycle of eyelashes. This allows to grow longer before eyelashes falling out. There are mixed reviews on this product, but the main problem is its high price when compared to the other eyelash enhancers mentioned. Still, it is a product worth trying since many users say it really works.

Which One Is Best?
In terms of effectiveness, safety and price, the best eyelash growth product is MaxoLash from Dermagevity. Aside from the fact that it only uses active ingredients that are clinically proven, it is also hypoallergenic and almost all of the feedback on the product are positive saying it is really effective.

Again, choosing among the many eyelash growth products on the market depends on your personal goals and preference. Since we have done the difficult part for you, choosing a product is now much easier and simpler. All you need to do is to choose from the 5 products mentioned in this article. Any of these products will help you achieve longer, thicker and more alluring natural eyelashes.

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