How To Fix Playstation 3 HDMI Not Working Problems

Are you looking ways to repair and troubleshoot PS3 HDMI not working problems? Have you experience Playstation 3 console turn into no sound and black screen during gameplays? If yes, then you come into the right place. Here will share with you few common troubleshooting tips that allow you to fix PS3 HDMI won’t working error by yourself.

Playstation 3 HDMI problems is the among common error that faced by most of the PS3 gamers. It also called as Black Screen Of Death error that PS3 monitor and display screen turn into blank screen with sound system not working, PS3 function not working properly and black screen pop up instantly during game plays. It doesn’t mean that your console death forever and you need to spent few hundreds buck to buy a brand new console for replacement.

In fact, there are few options you can choose to fix and get back to the games within hours. Follow below HDMI stopped working troubleshooting tips on how to repair PS3 black screen errors.

Ps3 HDMI Not Working Troubleshooting Tip 1:

Mainly HDMI not working problem cause by HDMI cables itself, the first thing that need to check is to confirm whether any cables damaged or not proper connected to the PS3 console. Follow below repair steps:

  1. Turn off PS3 console
  2. Check and detect any loosen or damaged cables.
  3. You can try to unplug all the cables and only left power cable connect into the console. Then, connect them back one by one just to ensure all cables are properly connected. Double check each cables that connected. If found and observed broken HDMI cable, then get a replacement and reconnect back to console. If black screen disappear mean you’re catching the real bug that cause the problem.

PS3 HDMI Unable To work Troubleshooting Tip 2:

If no damaged cable detected by walk through tip 1, then next step is to reset HDMI setting. Most of us not aware that Sony actually did include black screen error troubleshooting tips inside PS3 manual. It placed under troubleshooting section – topic ‘console reset’.

You need to follow the instructions correctly that allow you to reset back PS3 default HDMI setting without impacting game profile and other hard drive storage data.

Follow below steps on how to reset HDMI setting:

  1. Switch your PS3 in stand-by mode by holding down the touch power button until a series of beeps are heard.
  2. Now you’ll listen for one long beep, followed to two shorter beeps.
  3. Release the power button.
  4. Follow the exact step-by-step instructions on screen. Don’t skip any step, it will cause you reset whole PS3 profile.

If you still found black screen appear after above 2 steps, then you can get a PS3 HDMI repair guide to help you on this.

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