How To Fix Ps3 Black Screen Of Death Problem

Are you looking for tips to troubleshoot PS3 black screen of death problem? Do you ever face PS3 screen turn to black screen during middle of game play? If yes, then you come into a right place where here will share with you step-by-step on how to repair PS3 black screen error effortlessly. By repairing PS3 black screen doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand new console for replacement and it can remedied within minute. Furthermore, you don’t need a technical geek person to get the job done, it pretty simple and anyone can perform them.

Before really go into depth on how to get rid of Ps3 freezes black screen problem, is good to understand what actually cause this error occur. Generally, this common problem is due to faulty HDMI cable. It may caused by broken cable itself or in the ports where they are plugged gone loose. Keep on reading to find out more on how to fix PS3 screen problems.

Steps On How To Fix HDMI Cable Not Working On Ps3

As me mentioned above, majority of black screen error due to HDMI cable not working properly or it broken. The easiest way to troubleshoot and repair it is by replace HDMI cable from your console. You can either buy a new HDMI cable online or any near by electronic shop and replace the current one. You may also can try to borrow a workable HDMI cable from friends for troubleshooting proposes as well before really spent money to get a new one.

You also can try to get an original HDMI cable that come with console. Sometime you may not using the default cable from Sony manufactured. In this case, you need to find the default cable and put them in.

Sometime it may also due to loosen or dirty HDMI cable, so you can unplug the it and if the port is a bit dusty, you can cleaning it gently by use a cotton ball or a q-tip. After cleaning, plug it in correctly and try to turn on your PS3 again.

PS3 Black Screen Of Death Fix – Reset PS3 Console Setting

The Black screen still happen after i follow above tips, what i should do now?Ok, if you’re falling into this category then you need to get in deeper by resetting PS3 console. Most of PS3 user did not realize that Sony actually did include black screen problems troubleshooting tips in the PS3 manual. Follow the instruction under troubleshooting section – topic ‘console reset’.

Do make sure you keep all you profile setting, game progress, trophies and high scores history in hard drive as if anything goes wrong with this fixes, you may end up deleting them once and for all.

Follow below steps to reset PS3 console:

  1. Switch your Ps3 into stand by mode.
  2. Press the power button and hold still until you heard series of beeps sound.
  3. You’ll listen for one long beep then followed by two shorter beeps.
  4. Then release the power button and follow those instruction displayed on the screen. You need to follow each steps closely, make sure you won’t skip any steps on it.

Alternative Option – Get A Professional PS3 Repair Guide

Are you still confused and don’t have any confident to start any troubleshooting task after walk through all above mentioned steps? If yes, then is advisable to get a professional and high quality PS3 Repair Guide to help you on this. Instead of blindly remove cable, restarting console and take apart PS3 console mindlessly, is best to follow step-by-step genuine instructions to get rid of the problem once and for all.

In the PS3 repair guide also included HD instruction video that show you all the detail steps-by-steps how to fix PS3 black screen error effectively. It also give 24/7 personal online help where you can get in touch with them if you have any question or doubt during repairing stage.