How To Fix PS3 Blu ray Not Reading Discs

Looking for tips on how to fix PS3 laser problems? Searching easiest and safest ways to repair PS3 laser disc read not working error? If yes, then you come into the right place.

PS3 laser problem is a common issue that been reported out recently. How i’ll determine whether my console having PS3 laser error? You can observed that your PS3 console games load slower compare before, generate disc spinning noise, fail to spins, and disc error messages keep showing such as ‘Disc Read Error’ and ‘No Disc Detected’ after insert game disc.

Many gamers try to replace their faulty laser lens but still face the same problem after few day. Why?What should i do that have this permanently fixed?

How To Repair PS3 Laser Problems Once and For All

What actually cause the PS3 laser read not working? It most properly due to Playstation 3 laser len is easily damaged by scratched disc or blocked by dirt. Therefore you need to practice regular console clean up to make sure len detection not blocked by dust. You can get a PS3 disc cleaning kit to help out. It can simply get them online or near by electronic store.

Some other gamers choose to make laser len replacement in the first place. It work fine for the beginning few day but most of them keep on seeing the same problem after that. Why this can happen?

Basically, the problem is not happen on the PS3 len itself, it actually due to the PS3 laser assembly drive. Although you replaced with another new laser and another, the main problem still exist there. So, you may observed the problem appeared again within 24 hours or it become more serious compare before.

For permanently fixes, you need replace a laser unit (model KES-400A) which have almost same price with laser len. Once replaced PS3 laser assembly unit, you now can enjoy PS3 fun again. Before you go in depth on how to make PS3 laser replacement, you need to know how to open your PS3 console first. You can refer step-by-step on How to Take Apart Ps3 console here.

If you still have trouble and doubt on those repairing work, is best that you get a professional and reliable PS3 Repair Guide to walk you through with step-by-step photos and videos intrusctions. It also include repairing tips for those famous PS3 problems such as PS3 HDMI problem (PS3 black screen of death), PS3 yellow light flashing error, PS3 freezing, and multiple PS3 error code fixes. You can also contact and throw questions to their 24/7 technical online support.