How To Fix PS3 Not Reading Blu ray Game Discs Problems

Are you desperately looking for how to fix PS3 not reading discs by yourself without sending PS3 console back to Sony Service factory for repair?If you’ve got the PS3 not reading discs error, and you don’t have a clue on how to repair? Then you come into the right place, where here share with you Ps3 discs repair tips that can help you to fix Ps3 not reading blu-ray problem in no times.

Believe me, you’re not alone there. I’m personally experience it before that when desperately need to try out a brand new games in sudden PS3 game disc just stop spinning and pop out alarm message such as ‘There Is No Disc In Drive‘ , ‘ Please Insert Disc‘ or ‘AN ERROR HAS OCCURED. PRESS THE EJECT BUTTON AND REMOVE THE DISC, THEN TURN THE PS3 CONSOLE OFF AND REFER TO THE PS3 OPERATIONS MANUAL FOR HELP TROUBLESHOOTING.‘ Is a very frustrating and painful experience that your exciting mood been kill for this ridiculous error.

If this problem happen to you, then you have 2 options to go either send back your console to Sony service center or you repair it by yourself. By choosing option 1 – sending console back to factory, you’ll need to wait for 2-3 weeks before you can get back your console. This only applicable if your console still within warranty period, else you need to spent a huge amount of pocket money on those service fee.

If you don’t have extra money to spent, out of warranty period and desperately can’t wait 2-3 weeks to try on your new games then advisable for you to go for option 2. Fixing PS3 game discs not working problem not as hard as you think it was. You don’t need to be a skillful and technical geeks in order to get the job done. You can refer to below tips and tricks on how to get it done within short period of times.

Why You Will Encounter PS3 Not Reading Discs

What actually cause PS3 blu ray discs not working problem? In order to play games on Ps3 console, blu-ray drive functional as optical disc reader to scan all those game discs inserted into it. If your Ps3 Blu-ray drive is problematic or damaged, which mean you not able to read game discs as it suppose to be.

Second possibility reason that Playstation 3 not reading blu-ray discs due to blu-ray lens itself blocked by dust or dirt. This could be easily fix by using a Ps3 cleaning kit by removing all those dust located on the blu-ray lens. You need to practice frequent cleaning to your PS3 console to avoid PS3 air flow and blu-ray lens blocked by dust.

How To Repair PS3 Disc Not Working error by Yourself

You can follow below PS3 troubleshooting tricks and tips to help you to get rid of PS3 unable to read discs error and get back to gaming again:

  1. You can try to turn off console, wait for 20-30 minutes then switch on your console again. Sometime it may due to overheating during long hours game plays. By restarting console, will let it rest a while and reset those interrupted memory.
  2. Do ensure power core cable and drive cable are properly connected to your console. If found any loosen cable, do unplug and plug them back again.
  3. Try to remove PS3 hard drive out, then plug it back again. Sometime it may due to PS3 HDD drive not connected properly.

If these 3 tips didn’t help, then there’s probably something wrong with the PS3 disc reader. Recommend you to get a professional PS3 Repair Guide to advice and provide quality step by step video on how it actually work.