How To Fix PS3 Power Supply Problem by Replacement

Looking ways to fix PS3 power supply by yourself? Searching on the net how to repair PS3 won’t turn on after pressed start button? If yes, then you stop by the right place. Here will share with you how to make Ps3 power supply replacement by yourself.

Before get started, we should remind you that home PS3 repairs definitely will void the PS3 warranty period, so is not encouraging to repair it yourself. If your PS3 warranty still within the acceptable period, you should call Sony service center to help to fix it but it’ll probably be costing you around 150 -170 dollars to get it done. In the same time, you’ll need to wait for 3-4 weeks leak time for shipment and process time frame before you really can get back your console and get your game start rolling.

Another option is that you could find a near by local electronics store to seek for their assistance to repair you console such as BestBuy’s geek squad or any Ps3 console dealer.

Replacement PS3 Power Supply

Ok, if you already take all consideration and decided to do it by yourself then first of all you need to get a brand new Ps3 power supply for replacement.

Where to buy a PS3 power supply? You actually can get it easily online that cost you around 50 dollars and it come with different models. If you don’t know which model that suit your PS3 console, then you properly need to take apart the PS3 to find it out. Here is a guide on how to open up PS3 console, just follow the step as far as the power supply though.

When you get the power supply model, from there you need to get the same type of PS3 power supply for replacement. You can refer beside suggested cheap PS3 power supply that compatible for 20GB, 40GB, 60GB and 80GB PS3 that cost around 20 dollars which included shipment.

How I Know Is It My PS3 Power Supply Problem?

If you’re playing game witnessed in the sudden a very loud ‘pop’ sound would have occurred then your PS3 screen turn black immediately that for sure is power supply has gone case. You can fell power supply is hot by touching the cover of the console. You may properly able to smell something burning flow out from the console. First of all, wait until your PS3 cool down and take it out of the power supply, go to near by electronics store to get a brand new power supply for replacement or buy one online.

If you didn’t heard or observed any abnormal case happen to your PS3 as mentioned above, you may encounter problems such as Ps3 won’t turn on, PS3 black screen problem, Ps3 freezing during game play or Ps3 game disc not working. Those are the signatures of Ps3 power supply error as well.

How To Prevent Ps3 Power Supply Problem Happen

You need to understand that the root cause of power supply problem is due to overheating happen on the console itself by long hours game play without let your console rest or air flow blocked by dirt/dust that generate huge amount of heat within the console.

Follow below tips to prevent re-occurrence of Ps3 power supply problems:

  1. Leave your Ps3 in an open area. Ensure enough air flow to prevent overheating happen. Don’t keep it in a tight snug place, you killing it for sure.
  2. Make sure Ps3 plugged into a surge protector. Sometime faulty plug with direct current will fry your console instantly.
  3. Do practice weekly cleaning to clear out those surrounding dirt or dust that block out PS3.
  4. Don’t play long hours game play. Turn it off for few minutes or more to ensure PS3 console not overheating. It’s good for the Ps3 and it’s good for you as well.

If you’re still confused and don’t comfort to start fix and make replacement of PS3 power supply after walk through above steps. You can get a professional PS3 Repair Guide that help you repair PS3 by yourself. It included with HD quality video and step-by-step instructions that guide you along the ways.