How to Fix Razor Blemishes on Black Skin

I’m going to tell you how to fix razor blemishes on Black skin makes you more attractive and shaving a lot more bearable. Electric razors don’t always do the best job of shaving a Black mans face because of the way the way Black hair grows. When I say Black hair that covers a lot of ground. But rather than growing straight out, the hair on a most Black men’s face typically curls as it grows. This growth pattern often causes your hair to grow under the skin on your face. When your hair grows into a small ball under your skin like this, it begins to agitate your skin and sometimes causes irritating bumps to rise on your face. When you put all of this together, you have these unattractive bumps that itch and make it hard to get a smooth shave. When you shave these bumps, you cut your skin due to the uneven surface. When these cuts start healing, your skin scars or blemishes. The resulting dark spots are condition known as hyper-pigmentation.

Two Secrets

There are a couple of things you can do to fix razor blemishes on Black skin. One way to address it is to adjust the way you shave. Adjusting the way you shave can help you get a close smooth shave. Getting a close smooth shave will reduce the number of razor bumps, which will reduce the amount of blemishes on your face. Shaving with an electric razor may reduce razor bumps but it doesn’t always give the closest, smoothest shave. There’s a quick and easy way to get a close smooth shave with a bladed razor that only cost you a couple of extra minutes. You may already have a shaving pattern but the way you shave can influence the way hair grows out of your face. Normally, when the hair on a Black persons face grows out of a razor bump, individual shafts of hair get cut on an angle rather than being cut flush with the face. These hairs are cut off below the skin and start to grow under the skin due to the angle they were cut on. That restarts the cycle of bumps on your face. So to stop this cycle and fix razor blemishes on Black skin, you have to use a skin conditioner and shave in four different directions.

Fix Razor Blemishes on Black Skin – Skin Conditioner

Using a skin conditioner is a critical starting point to help fix razor blemishes. Applying a skin conditioner before you shave actually serves two purposes. First, it treats the irritation or razor burn, as it’s known, that shaving causes on a mans face as it cuts away layers of skin. Razor burn dries out the skin leaving it dry and tight. So apply a skin conditioner before and after you shave to lubricate and soothe your skin. You can buy skin conditioners made for this just about anywhere you buy shaving supplies or you could apply something inexpensive like Vaseline, baby oil, or cocoa butter lotion before you shave.

Shaving in Four Different Directions

If you’re like most men, you probably already have a pattern that you shave in but adjusting that pattern can help your facial hair grow straight out of your face rather than growing under the skin causing razor bumps. Reducing these bumps will reduce the cuts that lead to razor blemishes. After you apply skin conditioner and shaving cream, shave in all four directions to cut your facial hairs flush with your face so that the hair grows straight out of your face. I suggest using cocoa butter lotion because it works better to clear up facial blemishes and to give you an even skin tone. Applying cocoa butter at night before you go to bed can help speed up the process. Shaving in four different directions means shaving four times. Be sure to use a good razor to shave with. Choose whether you want to shave left to right or vice versa first, then shave up and then down or vice versa. You don’t have to reapply skin conditioner and shaving cream each time. Following this method on a regular basis could help end razor bumps and blemishes.

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You can fix razor bumps on Black skin if you establish a habit of following the two secrets of baby oil, and shaving in four different directions. Results may vary but feedback on the video above has been very favorable. You might have to personalize your particular shaving cream or gel and lubricant and use what works best for you. Listen to the video to hear how you can fix razor bumps on Black skin.