How To Fix Wii Game Disc Could Not Be Read

Have you ever deal with when you place in game discs into Wii console and it show you the error message like ‘Wii Not Reading Disc, Please Eject and remove the disc’? Are you looking for ways to repair Wii game disc cannot be read problem by yourself? If yes, then congratulation you come into the right place. Here will share with you how you can troubleshoot Wii unable read discs problem by yourself and fix it with very minimum cost.

Wii discs not working is a common problem happen to most of the Wii players where error showed up ‘AN ERROR HAS OCCURED. PRESS THE EJECT BUTTON AND REMOVE THE DISC, THEN TURN THE WII CONSOLE OFF AND REFER TO THE WII OPERATIONS MANUAL FOR HELP TROUBLESHOOTING.‘ It definitely a frustrating experience especially when you just purchase a brand new games and waiting to get on hand with it. So, what you suppose to do in order to fix it and get your Wii console back on action?

Hold your horses first, cowboy. Before we go in depth on how to repair Wii game discs not working problem, we need to understand what actually cause the Wii games disc error happen. Console overheating is the main cause of most of the Wii disc not working problem. Wii player keep on playing their console for long period of time without stop and cool down it can easily damage the console.

Significant of heat generated due to overheating can causes internal Wii circuit board connectors get burnt therefore there are several feature malfunction happen without reasons. You not just experience Wii not reading discs error, but you will also notice Mii characters having strange behaviors, Wii channel not working as it suppose to be, Wii dashboard not able to access, Wii freezes, Wii black screen and different error codes displayed.

How To Repair Wii Unable Read the Discs.

If you encounter Wii not able read disc, you can refer below tips to how to perform first cut troubleshooting to narrow down the cause of problem before send to repair.

  1. Sometime may due to technical glitches, you may notice that game discs not start to load automatically. You can directly goto disc channel located on Wii menu and load it manually. The channel placed on upper left hand corner right in front of menu screen. Click it and you’ll find game title appear on the list of disc games then select execute.
  2. Human mishandling issue. I don’t have real comment on this, people sometime do act carelessly and accidentally insert incorrect game disc into Wii drive. Wii drive only load DVD base discs, you can not insert game discs which are not compatible format such as CDs, Blu-ray and other gaming console discs such as Xbox 360 or PS3. You need to ensure and beware of Wii game discs that you purchases is NOT made from other country or regions.
  3. Don’t load damaged, dirty, dusted and scratches discs into Wii console. Wii laser drive will have difficulty where detect damaged discs and display out Wii unable to read discs error. Make sure your discs in tic top condition before insert into Wii console. Clean Wii discs with soft cloth and best result you can get a cleaning kit to remove dust on the Wii laser lens as well.
  4. As mentioned above, Wii disc not working mainly due to overheating problem. So, you need to reboot Wii console by turn off and let it cool down for around 15- 20 minutes then only switch it back on. If console working again, then it mean that need to get an additional cooling system to install on your console to enhance console air flow circulation.
  5. If you still having problem after go through above repair tips, then suggest that you get a professional Wii Fix Guide to get the job done. Keep on reading for more detail.

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