How to fix your xbox 360 tray disc problem

Just of recent there were too many complaints about the common hardware problems in the xbox 360 video game consoles. The common problem is very simple and is just that you will see the red light error which comes up most time you are playing your game.

At times you will see that your console will get too hot or heated and after display freeze. This tray disc problem occurs from the poor way the Microsoft designed the game. Most computer system do have in-built fans to blow away the heat generated during the time you are playing your game but to my surprise the common xbox does not have this.

There are simple ways to fix your xbox 360 tray disc problem. The method is by taking it to microsoft nearest office to fix the problem back for you. This is free only if your console game is under 1 year warranty.
But for me I do repair my console by myself. All I do is that I purchased the video online and take my time to study and look around me for where I can practice it. The video is elf explanatory and you will be able to repair xbox error like 1 week after watching the video. One great importance of the video is that it has a lot of repair guide to most xbox problem.

Apart from repairing my game by myself I also charge people around little money befor e I can fix the problem for them. I know you will be ready to get your own video today. Lets compare the cost of the video with the amount Microsoft will charge you anytime you have error on your disc. Microsoft charges about $180 while the cost of the video is $40. The difference is $140. Then which one will you take.
Save over $140 by buying the video today from my recent I set up for people like you to repair their xbox issues themselves.

If you do want to get free guide online I will show a link to my friend site who was trained by my video but training others online for free.
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