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How to forget someone you love


How to forget the person you love

Forgetting loved one is not a easy task. Though it hurts and will take time to get over him/her, think about the rest of your life, and do it with your brain and reason, not your emotions and heart. “It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone – but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.” But nothing is impossible …. You may try these ….and enjoy your lifeIf your quest is to know how to get over someone you love, then you must realize that the answers are far-fetched. No matter how satisfied you think you are to move on and get over that person, that you have to ask how to do it all shows that it’s going to be a painful process. sometimes it’s a somewhat slow process.

You might think you’ve gotten rid of that person, only for you to start thinking about him or her after a year or two, you have feelings of pain and sadness again. That doesn’t mean you’re not over the person, though. If you’ve invested a lot emotionally into a relationship and it ends, it will surely make you feel sad for years. Perhaps, even for the rest of your life.

However, that doesn’t mean you wallow in sadness and possibly be depressed. By getting over the person, you can realize that losing them made you sad, and look back on it as you would any sad loss. Basically, the period immediately after the loss should be the hardest,that reminds of the quest-how to get over someone you love.No one want to forget his/her loved one. Sometime it become necessary. Forgetting loved one is not a easy task. Though it hurts and will take time to get over him/her, think about the rest of your life, and do it with your brain and reason, not your emotions and heart. “It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone – but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.” But nothing is impossible …. You may try these ….and enjoy your life

  1. Start liking someone else quick. In this position of depression, you are very vulnerable to emotional attacks. Liking someone else will distract you from that old girl.
  2. Don’t listen to any slow or love songs… you will grow desperate.
  3. If you are friends with her, make it clear to yourself that friendship is all she wants. She has her boyfriend because she likes him!
  4. Be sensitive to her, but not overly. You’ll just be digging a deeper hole for yourself.
  5. There are other women, who will accept you! Go for it.
  6. Go out and have some fun. Don’t just stay at home thinking about what she’s doing with the bf.
  7. Don’t cry over a woman who doesn’t like you.
  8. Do not let yourself think that you are not attractive, or that you will never find someone better. There is always someone better.
  9. If she has a MySpace, Facebook, etc, avoid her page. Seeing her and her boyfriend there will just hurt.
  10. Don’t have her within your top 5/10/etc, unless you are practically best friends. She’ll just be suspicious.
  11. Try not to look at her.
  12. If you start to think about her, then think about someone else. Someone hotter.
  13. Don’t be calling her a lot. That’s just not cool.
  14. Unless you have a legit reason, just don’t call/text her.
  15. Don’t call her babe, baby, etc.
  16. Don’t look at her as the most important person in your life.
  17. Say no to her once in awhile.
  18. If you are a student: Forget her because it could effect your mental health, which will directly affect your studies. After all, your degree is more important.
  19. Make sure that you self analyze your relationship and jot down the pros and cons of your relationship: This is the most important step to prepare yourself, as you will need to know exactly what makes your relationship work: Is it the love, is it the sex, is it the companionship, is it the family pressure, is it your friends etc. You need to know the strong points and the weak points in your relationship. This way you can build on the strong aspects on your relationship, while neutralizing the weak aspects.
  20. Make sure that you especially analyze your faults and weaknesses: For example, if your ex-lover thought that you were self centered, then you should recognize this and thus take steps to change yourself. Don’t forget that whatever caused your relationship to fail, you hold the key inside you. However, in order to fix it, you must know what aspects of yourself to change.
  21. While you are doing the self analysis above, make sure that you provide your ex-partner with some space and time. Your partner must understand that you won’t die, because your relationship has broken. Don’t forget that emotional blackmail is the worst thing that you can do. If you want to win your ex back, you must be confident and you must show your ex that life doesn’t revolve around you two.
  22. Improve yourself: To show your ex that you have changed and also to show that you still have the positive qualities that you had in your relationship; you must improve yourself. Go to a gym and start a weight loss program, whether you need it or not. At the least try to make yourself physically fit. If possible, change your job and get a better one to show that you can be a better person.
  23. Make sure that you keep the channels of communication open: Go to your friends for advice. If you have the chance, make sure that you visit your ex-lovers friends. Show them that you have changed, so that they can tell your ex informally. No matter what happens make sure that you have a calm demeanor. The task ahead to make up won’t be easy; but these preparations will help you get through it.

If you know more ……… please leave comment which will help other.

How to Enjoy a happy life

  • Take time to smell the roses. Don’t tailgate. Keep it simple.

  • Enjoy good company. Keep your promises.
  • Listen to your children.

  • Be kinder than necessary.

  • Wear outrageous underwear on a job interview, or to work!

  • Take good care of those you love.

  • Make it a habit to do nice things for people who never find out. J
  • udge your success by the degree that you enjoy peace and good health.

  • Be a good loser.

  • Be a better winner. Be romantic.

  • Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.
  • Enjoy real maple syrup.

  • Never refuse homemade brownies.

What Should You Do When the Person You Love Doesn’t Love You Back?

I can feel the pain of being unloved by the one whom you love with all your heart. These feelings are especially aggravated when you know that the person you love is probably the ONE for you. Most of the people hang on with the hope that they can get the other person to love them back and yet these hopes never materialize leaving you distraught and teary eyed. It is difficult but it is the best course of action is to move on with your life – live a happy life.

How Can You Break Up with Someone You Love

Breaking up with loved one is not an easy task. But at times it become very essential to break up. So how to break up with someone you love! is a great deal.

How to forget someone you love
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