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How to Further Your Cause and Nonprofit Through Blogging

Are you part of a non-profit organization? Do you espouse or promote a particular advocacy? Do want your group and your cause to be heard by more people? Do you want to increase your online presence? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider advocacy blogging as a potent means of getting your message across – whether to raise more funds for your activities, to bring bigger awareness to your advocacy or to gather more volunteers who share in your cause.

Why Blogging?

As bsmg.org relates, blogging can be a powerful communications tool for your advocacy that allows you to 1) establish your online identity 2) helps build credibility on an issue 3) lets you discover new allies 4) brings in new viewers to your website and 5) aids in advancing your social change goals. Furthermore, as Nancy Schwartz, a nonprofit marketing expert says, a blog is an extremely easy way for your audiences to receive regularly updated news and information.

Getting Started

You might say: I have no technical know-how whatsoever, how can I create a blog? Not to fear. The good news is that through platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, setting up a free blog is a cinch! And once you’ve gotten your blog up and running, you can now begin to produce content that is relevant to your organization or cause and reach out to your public . To help you get started, let’s learn from the experts.

Nancy Schwarts gives us some insights on how you can put blogs to work for your nonprofit organization.

-Quickly summarize and point to other articles on the web that are relevant to your audience.
-Include audiences (or selected audiences) in conversation on critical topics.
-Invite experts in your field or issue area to contribute as guest bloggers.

-Get timely information out without tech staff or web designers. You can even do “real-time” reporting from a conference, field visit or legislative session.

-Cross-promote and re-use all the content you create for your website, print magazines and e-newsletter.

Blue State Digital, on the other hand, offers a handful of ways nonprofits can use a blog to achieve real goals. Firstly, It is important to own your issues. You can gently shape public opinion if your site contains answers to questions that the public may have on your cause and key policies related to it. The voice of an expert in your blog post will be of great help too. Secondly, send the right message.

A blog can put a human face on the type of work that you do and on your organization in general so it is crucial that you send forth the right image in order to bolster your credibility. Thirdly, Post for links. The quality of your content is key, so be sure your posts catch the attention of other websites and their respective readers. ( See how to optimize and create a great blog post )Having your site prominently linked on other popular sites can go along way in ensuring hits. Fourthly, promote your actions. Your blog content should offer fresh new ways to talk about what type of action you expect to elicit from people.

Keep it Real

And finally, give your posts a humanistic perspective and make it personal. In doing so, you give your cause a human voice that people can easily relate to – which will then help you and your organization stand out.

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