How To Garden Party in Style

If you want to know how to garden party in style, here are the simple things to review and change to set just the right mood. Whether your garden party is for a formal event like a wedding or graduation, or for a fun get together like a birthday or afternoon with friends, these variables are the key to transforming your garden into a true garden party zone.

Garden Party Flowers

What’s a great garden without flowers? This is the place to start to really take advantage of the great outdoors. Your choice of flowers will set the mood immediately, and the choices are seemingly limitless. For a bright and fun look, choose yellow informal flowers like yellow daisies. A summer family reunion takes off with classic white daisies that seem to go perfectly with summer hats. Formal events will be enhanced with classic flowers like roses or carnations. Your choice of garden party flowers should be repeated around the area to really make your theme come to life.

Garden Party Hats

Attractive garden party hats are always a fun addition to any summer gathering. These hats are fun to wear and not something that people get to wear every day, so have fun with it. Whether you choose classic white or colorful garden party hats, if enough people wear one the entire party will take on a summery feel. Visions of movies will come into your head as you glance across the area and see the different shapes and styles of hats that guests have worn. You can even encourage sun hats for women by indicating in an invitation that summer hats are acceptable and encouraged, just in case they might avoid such items in fear that it’s not appropriate.

Garden Party Music

If the flowers reached your sense of smell and the hats have reached your sense of vision, it’s time for your ears to get a bit of input, and the perfect garden party music will do just that. Like the flowers, your choice of music will be a significant factor in what kind of party this is. A graduation might be fun with popular music, a birthday with children’s classics, and a wedding with elegant classical background music. If you want to take a up a notch, bring in live music for the gathering. This is especially classy for formal events like a wedding or anniversary.

Garden Party Games

If it fits the purpose of the event, including entertaining games is a great way to keep everyone happy. Great choices in games include such standards as bocce for a small area or croquet for a larger scene. Any garden party game that may be played safely around guests and doesn’t require anyone to sweat is a very good choice.

Other Considerations

Of course, the obvious things like food and drinks are important for any party, and a party in the garden will be no exception. If white dresses and shirts are expected, BBQ may not be the finest choice. Keep it light and easy to eat with a fork and your food selections will be just fine.

Remember, if you want to know how to garden party in a way that suits your theme or event, think about the flowers, garments, music, games, food, and drinks that you will provide, and make them all work together. That’s how to garden party in style.