How to Get A Car From Charity

How Do I Get A Car From Charity?

Financial emergencies could happen anytime, and the worst thing that could happen sometimes is when you are encountered with vehicle problems and you live in a place that is far from public transportation. A broken down vehicle could cost a lot for repair and a family that lives from paycheck to paycheck will surely have a hard time in having the car repaired or in buying a brand new car. Although there have been several cars these days that are being sold at a very reasonable price, people who live below the poverty line could still not afford to buy one. In this case, your best resort is to look for organizations or charity that offers free car. So read on to find out how to get a car from charity.

On Getting A Free Charity Car

The first thing that you need to do if you are looking for a free car is to search for an organization or a charity that are willing to give cars to those who are in need of one. There are so many rich people who will donate their used cars to these organizations and what the organization will do is to give the car to families who cannot afford to have one. Sometimes, the vehicles that were being donated needs to be fixed, so it’s the charity who will spend for the repair. But in most cases, the vehicles that are being donated are still in good running condition.

List of the charities that you can approach and ask how to get a car from charity

Cars 4 Christmas

The organization gives several individuals across the United States a chance to get a car for free. They cater to families or individuals who are going through a difficult time and are in dire need of a vehicle to use. You will need to lodge in your application to this organization and provide your personal information as well as a brief description of your current situation along with a reason why you cannot afford to buy a car. The organization will have to evaluate your application and you will receive a call in a few days to inform you if you get approved or not.

Free Charity Cars
This is one of the first ever car charity programs in the United States. The Free Charity Cars would ask people to create a profile on their site and get votes in order to get a free car. Those who work for companies that promote free car events also have a chance to get their own free car with a job and a competitive pay.

Good News Garage
The Good News Garage provides a wide range of car related services to people who are in need of vehicles. The organization is based in New England and targets low income families who cannot afford to buy a vehicle. They offer low cost cars and also offer free vehicle repairs. They even have transportation assistance programs that allow individuals to ride to and from work while they are waiting to be approved for a free car assistance program.

The Internet is the best places to go to if you need more information on how to get a car from charity.

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