How to Get a Firm Bum

I am going to show you how to get a firm bum using one exercise that will not only firm your buttocks but strengthen and tone your legs. If you are familiar with walking lunges then you are half way there. The key to this exercise is to make sure you are walking and not lunging then stepping back. Let me explain how to perform the walking lunge and why I think it is the best exercise to firm buttocks.
To perform a walking lunge you will need some room to lunge and move forward with each lunge. 20’ to 30’ of walking room should be enough for you to get started with the exercise. I perform walking lunges with about 55’ to exercise.
To perform the exercise, stand with your hands on your hips and your feet the normal width apart as if you were going to start walking. First step forward with your right leg keeping your left leg in place. Plant your right foot about 3’ to 4’ in front of you and squat down so that the knee on your left leg just lightly touches the floor then stand back up and in one motion step ahead of your right leg with your left leg about 3’ to 4’ and repeat but lower yourself now so that your right knee just lightly touches the floor.
Keep moving forward until you just about run out of room. If you have enough energy and can do it turn around and perform walking lunges the other way. That is 1 set.
Repeat the process a few times or until your legs are shaking, whichever comes first.
When performing the exercise make sure to lower your back knee just touching the floor lightly and make sure your front leg is far enough ahead that when you squat down your knee is not moving forward past the front of your foot. Make sense?
By performing the exercise this way the stretch when squatting down and the motion pushing upward will work your gluteus hard enough that it will tighten your bum in no time at all.
This exercise also works your upper legs so you will have nice toned legs and a firm butt to go with your toned legs.
If you find the exercise getting easy then perform the walking lunge for further distances. Some people perform them outside so they can go as far as they want. You can also try performing the exercise with dumbbells in both hands hanging beside you.
Give it a try and let me know what you think. I think you will find this exercise easy to perform and fun to do. Plus you can do it without exercise equipment and perform it anywhere. I am confident you will be thanking me for showing you how to get a firm bum.