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How to Get a Free Laptop From the Government

How to Apply for a Free Laptop from the Government. Everyone seems to have a laptop nowadays with internet access. The internet has become an essential part of life and has many conveniences from research to paying your bills online. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a laptop or the internet however that is all now changing thanks to government initiatives to get everyone online. Free is still kinda hard, though. So if you have just a little to invest, you can find a cheap used laptop online.

What you need to know about how to apply to Get a Free Laptop From the Government

If you are on a low income or don’t have a job then you might not be able to experience how a laptop can really help you so you need to know how to apply for a free laptop from the government. The great news is that the government is now giving away laptops and computers for free or at a huge discount. Many people ask how to get a free laptop from the government and if you are on a low income then you may be eligible for one with internet access. And even if you don’t qualify, there are retailers who will let you buy now and pay later for computers and other electronics.

What is The Eligibility for a Free Laptop from the Government

There are some strict eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled. The first step is to check that you are eligible so you can apply. Generally, the government criteria are for those families who don’t have internet access, have children between the ages of 7 to 14 and have an income of less than $32,000. If you fall into this category then there is a good chance that you will be able to apply for the free or subsidized laptop.

How to Apply for a Free Laptop from the Government: Are you a Low Income Family, Unemployed or on State Benefits

There are so many people that are eligible for this scheme and are oblivious that it exists. Other times some people feel that they do not want to burden the state; at the end of the day if you are eligible for a free laptop you should definitely apply. If you have ticked all the above boxes for the requirements then you should seriously consider visiting the direct government website to apply for a free laptop from the government.

If you think that you might be eligible it is worth a try applying for the grant, there is no harm in trying. There is so much you can do when you have a laptop with free internet access; for example, online shopping and bill payment takes a matter of minutes it beats going to the bank or Supermarket!

free computer from government

How to Apply For A Free Laptop From The Government: Grants Are Available For Low-Income Families

Unfortunately, sometimes you might not qualify but don’t let this stop you from applying! If you are not eligible for a free laptop with internet access then there are many other ways that you can access the internet so do not despair. Internet cafes are popping up everywhere and for 50 pence or sometimes even less you can access the internet for half an hour. Some internet cafes have super fast broadband and fiber optic technology and your browsing experience should be really fast and exciting. Sometimes they even offer laptop and computer courses so you can brush up on your IT. There are recycle websites that are giving away laptops for next to nothing, sometimes you just have to pick up the item from the person who wants to get rid of it. These recycle groups are available in Yahoo Groups.

How To Apply For A Free Laptop From The Government: Free Laptops For Students, You might be eligible

Local libraries also provide a facility for accessing the internet so you can practice your IT skills. If you have a library membership which is normally free then you too can start surfing the net. Visit your local library and ask for opening times and become a member, ask how many hours you can book for and then book in advance. If you need more time then you can visit other libraries too, you can probably end up surfing the net for 5 hours per day if you plan ahead.

How to Apply For a Free Laptop from the Government: Free Wi-Fi Available From Library

Accessing the internet is becoming simple and these days you can also access the internet through your smartphone. If you don’t have a laptop but have internet access on your phone you can consider hooking it up to some Wi-Fi network that is being provided to the public for free like in the library. Places like McDonalds and Starbucks also provide free WIFI access.

There are approximately thousands of locations throughout the UK which are called hotspots and if you can find one near your home then you can start surfing the web on your phone for free. Phones are becoming as good as laptops and even though you might not be able to run fast software on it, you can still get internet access to perform essential tasks such as paying a bill. If you have an iPhone then this is very similar to having a laptop because the interface is identical, surfing the net nowadays using free internet access is becoming more and more popular.

If you do have a computer or laptop but don’t have internet access then again you should find an internet hotspot where you can log on for free at places like Starbucks WIFI. If you want to reduce the cost of your broadband then consider sharing the cost with a neighbor and therefore halving your cost, if you can get three households on one broadband then you can save so much money.

The cost of laptops and internet access are going down. There is more and more competition in the market from the likes of BT, Orange, Talk Talk and even PlusNet. Many believe that internet access will eventually become free and you will be able to buy a surfing device for under $50, we can only wish. Whatever the future holds there are a number of facilities that people can be used to get access to the internet so that anyone will experience the benefit it can provide.

To summarize, if you do want to apply for a laptop from the government then check you are eligible and make an application from the direct gov website. If you don’t qualify then try picking up a free recycled laptop from Yahoo Groups! Free internet access can be obtained through McDonalds, Starbucks and Costa Cafe.

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