How to Get a Replacement Sharp Carousel Microwave Manual

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Manuals are essential for performing troubleshooting and for knowing how to use the advanced functions on your appliances. If you have lost your Sharp Carousel microwave manual then it can be very difficult to do any of these things. Even something as simple as setting the clock can be a pain without the manual to tell you how to do so. Perhaps you lost your manual while moving houses, or it was water damaged or it simply fell apart. Whatever the reason for your missing manual you need to know how to find a new one. So if your looking for Sharp microwave oven repair instructions then read on.

Borrow a Friend’s Sharp Carousel Microwave Manual

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Ask your friends and family about what type of microwave they have. Sharp microwaves are quite common and there is a good chance that one of them may have one. If they do you can get it photocopied or scanned to your computer for later use. Alternatively, you could just take a picture of the sections you need.

As Appliance Retailers

If you live nearby to the original retailer where you bought your appliance you could try going in and asking to photocopy or take some pictures of one of their manuals for the same model. If they are not swamped with customers they should be quite eager to help you out by finding you another manual to look at. It is a great chance for them to show their customer service skill, after all.

Ask Sharp for a Sharp Carousel Microwave Manual

It makes sense that you may be able to find a spare manual to replace your missing one directly from Sharp themselves. Often they overproduce them and sometimes they even have digital copies that they can email you. Even if they do not you may be able to get the required information from them anyway. Just be sure to tell them your model number and what problems you are having that you need the manual for. If the above two options fail you then this is your next best bet.

Look For Used Copies of Sharp Carousel Microwave Manuals

If you still have not found a Sharp Carousel microwave manual to replace your missing one then you could try looking at garage sales. If you happen to see the same model as your ask the owner whether they still have the manual intact. You may be able to bargain with them for it or at least take some photos of it. When doing this it may be polite to try and buy something from their other items to show your appreciation for their efforts. You can also try doing this same thing at flea markets and estate sales.

Look on Appliance Forums

Another option available to you is to become a member of an appliance support or repair forum and to ask for other owners of Sharp Carousel microwave manuals. Most people will be happy to scan and post up the sections you need or they may even be willing to trade with you or to send their unneeded copies for free. It may seem like one in a million odds that you will actually find another person with a Sharp Carousel microwave manual but given their popularity your odds are actually far better.

Used Booksellers and Thrift Stores

Sometimes when boxes of books are donated to thrift stores or used book sellers they include a random assortment of manuals for different products. If you know of a seller that has these types of boxes it may well be worth rummaging through them in case you can find one of them for cheap. You may also find a good book while you are there. However, your chances with this method are pretty slim so you may want to investigate the next option.

Download Free Digital Copies of Sharp Carousel Microwave Manuals

Saving the best for last, you can actually download manuals for free from certain websites. ManualsOnline [] actually has Sharp Carousel Microwave manuals available for free for people who sign up for a free account. These manuals are typically in PDF format and can be downloaded straight to you hard drive. If you have easy internet access and a printer handy then this is by far your best option, you don’t even have to leave the house.

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