Preparing yourself to take a mathematics test or exam can get hectic and boring for most students. For most students, mathematics is a difficult subject so never in their life can they pass even when they take a whole year preparing for its exam. The subject ‘mathematics’ can be seen and passed easily provided you take certain helpful steps.

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The first step to take is to check how far you have been with your studies.

Start by asking your own self how much you have studied and do you feel that you are satisfied enough with how much you’ve studied? If there is much time before the exam, hurry and get to your books now. Rate yourself according to how much you of the topics you have fully covered in the range of 1-10. If you are below or slightly above average it certainly means you have more work to do.

Secondly, Take notes as you study.

Take notes especially as study. You can do this by simply summarizing points to your best understanding. This is to mean, make your own notes from your teacher, lecturer or textbook. With this, you can easily recall everything whilst taking the exams since they are writing and best understood by you. Making ‘notes’ out of the note helps you to revise your personal notes wherever you are. You can also opt for going through the topics and once you get the understanding, you put it all in your own way: simpler and easier to memorize.

Mathematics is all about formulas and key ideas so you need to memorize it.

For instance if you studying about triangles, you need to remember formulae which is ½ bh. Memorizing this helps you get the work out easily. Before going to bed and rising up you need to see those formulas. You can paste it on your wall where you know you will always see (you can choose your door). This sounds unrealistic but it’s worth the try.

Make you own exams on every topic you study

Be your own examiner and write down questions on topics you have studied. You may also try solving past exam questions. Go through your solution with reference to your text and note book and mark your performance. The results will prove to you how well you’ve studied. There are instances where your total score does not reflect what you actually can do so it is advised you practice often. By the time of your exams, you may have if not all covered majority of the topic.

Don’t get on the examiner’s nerve

Make sure you do not do anything to get the examiner angry since he can cause your paper be cancelled. Comport yourself in the examination hall.

Hope you find my tips helpful because it has been tried and tested and has so far gained testimonies from students. You can apply the tips not only to the approaching mathematics test but to all other examinations.

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