How To Get Charms To Stay In Place on Leather Pandora Bracelets

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Pandora leather bracelets are trendy pieces of jewelry that feature one or more beads on a thin chic band. However, many owners wonder how they can get their charms to stay in place on their leather Pandora bracelets. Here are a few tips for keeping your jewelry in-line and stopping your beads from moving too much.

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If your leather bracelet has only one bead, you have a couple of options for securing it in place. First, you can take some leather-safe glue and put a small dab on either side of the charm or jewel to keep it fixed in place. You’ll only need a very small drop on either side in order to hold the bead so that it cannot shift around when you walk or swing your arms.

Keep in mind that you should not use any old glue as some adhesives will have harsh chemicals in them that can burn through your pandora bracelet’s leather and end up dis-coloring your strap or, worse, eating through it a bit! Hobby shops and jewelers can point you to special glue that does not harm leather. Some pandora bracelet owners have had luck with special adhesive known as Contact Cement, which is often use by leatherworkers to affix one or more pieces of cuired leather together.

If your bracelet has more than one bead that you want to keep from shifting around, you can always put the tiny drops of glue or contact cement in between them so that they end up forming a single block of beads that will be less likely to shift all over. Some bracelet wearers don’t mind when their beads move around, whereas others simply can’t stand it.

How To Get Charms To Stay In Place on Leather Pandora Bracelets, Seekyt

If you’re in the latter camp, another option for setting your beads hard and fast without using adhesives or cement comes in the form of a little stylish trick using thin silver or gold wire.

You can find some of this wire in a craft store.

The thinner it is, the better.

Roll a few centimeters of it out until it is very straight, and then carefully coil it around your pandora bracelet right on the outsides of the beads to form a tight roll that will look like a spiral flourish.

This way, no one will know you have done anything to alter your pandora beaded bracelet, but your new fashionable metal coils will keep your beads snugly in place and stop them from sliding around so much!

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How To Get Charms To Stay In Place on Leather Pandora Bracelets, Seekyt
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