How to Get Cheap Vehicles from Government Auctions for Seized Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles and Salvage Cars Insurance Auctions

Government auctions for seized cars, trucks, and motorcycles are an exciting way to pick up a bargain for yourself or for your business. Alternatively, you can also buy from companies who sell damaged cars, trucks and motorcycles for you to repair yourself. in this ‘how to’ article we will investigate how you can get a cheap vehicle from a pre-owned vehicle search, how you can buy wrecked vehicles to repair, and how to get seized vehicles.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Search to Find Cheap Auto

One of the best ways to get a cheap vehicle is by doing a pre-owned vehicle search on websites that list cars from both private and public sellers. You have probably looked for things in the paper classifieds before, well now classifieds are even more popular online and they are a great tool for finding cheap automotive. To find a good cheap vehicle simply head to a site like Craigslist, eBay, TraderOnline or any other online classifieds site and search for your preferred make and price range of vehicles. Ensure that if you can get a chance to see the vehicle in person that you do it as photos can be misleading and you may find issues with the vehicle that change your mind. If you are buying on eBay this is not always an option so to make sure you are safe only buy from sellers with close to perfect positive feedback on their accounts.

Buy From Companies Who Sell Salvage Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles – Insurance Salvage Vehicles

Some of the groups that sell damaged cars, trucks and motorcycles are the insurance companies while others are specific wreck vehicles dealers. There are also online businesses who sell wrecked cars and you may be able to find a cheap vehicle to repair in your area through these websites. The following is one company which does sell damaged cars, trucks and motorcycles and is one of the largest in the U.S.A.

The IAAI – Insurance Auto Auction Inc.

The IAAI (Insurance Auto Auction Inc.) is another company that will sell salvage cars, trucks and motorcycles that it sources from various insurance agencies around the country. Not only does the Insurance Auto Auction Inc. sell salvage cars, trucks and motorcycles they are also a great place to find wreck trucks and SUVs for sale for your business. The IAAI has various locations around the country and there is likely to be one in your area for either wrecked trucks and SUVs for sale or for general vehicles at least once a week unless you live in a very rural area. The IAAI aims to have an almost 100% coverage of the country, especially for their wrecked trucks and SUVs for sale events.

Government Auctions for Seized Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles

The last place that you can find a good bargain on a used vehicle is through government auctions for seized cars, trucks, and motorcycles. When a vehicle is impounded by the local government it has a time period where the owner can pay the fine and have the vehicle released. If the owner doesn’t end up coming forward then the government takes possession of the vehicle after a certain amount of time lapse.

The government can also take ownership of abandoned vehicles, especially those which are unregistered. Eventually the government will have auctions in each local area to sell of these collected vehicles to raise funding for various projects, usually those relating to road infrastructure and services. This is a great opportunity for you to get a cheap vehicle at auction – provided that you know how to handle yourself at an auction. Improving your chances at an auction is all about preparation and remaining calm under pressure.

The first thing you can do is to give yourself options. Prepare a list of vehicles that you would like to buy, get their prices and circle the ones that are going to be at the auction. Then take the time to have a look at each auction vehicle. Cross off the ones that are not suitable or that may have mechanical problems. Hopefully you should end up with a list of a few vehicles that you can pick from without fear of leaving empty handed. Remember to keep to your predetermined limits when you shop at government auctions for seized cars, trucks and motorcycles so that you do not end up over bidding.