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How to get fairer skin


How to get fair complexion naturally

Having fairer skin is something that every man and woman crave for. If one has fair complexion since birth he certainly wants that to last forever. As the skin gets older with your age dark spots, blemishes, signs of ageing and many more things appear on your skin that cover your fair tone of the skin. Fair skin increases one’s confidence and makes a far better impression on others. So in order to retain the fair glow of the skin one should take a good care of his or her skin through thorough beauty treatment.

There are a number of beauty products available in the market to treat your skin well. But you have to be aware of their ingredients and after effects. Before you choose one for yourself you should go through whether it is suitable to your particular skin type or not. A daily skin care involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing.


Apply the cleanser in a cotton ball in a circular way on your skin and use toner afterwards.


Lastly apply a reliable moisturizer for making your skin hydrated.

Skin whitening cream

There are some anti-ageing products and skin whitening cream that are supposed to provide good effects also.

Sunscreen lotion

Moreover to combat the sun exposure all you need to do is to use a sunscreen lotion to save your skin from UV rays that can burn and damage your skin. Though all these methods may be effective but they are at the same time expensive ones and in a few cases they may not work well as expected or rather may affect your skin if not properly chosen. So you can easily follow some home remedies that are natural as well as inexpensive and do not possess any side effects.

Some of these natural skin whitening methods and products are:

  1. Get some orange peels and put them under sun for drying up. Grind the dried peels into powder and keep it in a jar. Take 1 tablespoon of the grinded powder and add some fresh milk with it to make it a thick paste. Apply the paste on your face and body and after that wash it off with lukewarm water.Do this method regularly for exfoliating dark skin.
  2. Make a paste with sandalwood powder, cucumber juice, lemon juice and tomato juice. Use it on your skin till it gets dried and wash it with warm water after 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. One of the effective products that helps to give you back the desired glowing complexion is Almond. Soak it with water and leave it overnight. Remove the outer layer and mix some honey with it. Scrub your skin with the paste in a circular motion and wash it with cold water after it dries up.
  4. For whitening your skin gram flour is used with excellent utility. Form a natural scrubber out of lemon juice, milk cream, tumeric powder and gram flour. Use this paste on your skin for getting back the fairness in a few days.
  5. Some products like lime juice, tumeric and honey work best having natural bleaching qualities in them. The mixture of all these ingredients helps to reduce dark spots and pigmentation and in turn make your skin fairer and glowing.Remember to use it everyday until you get the best result.
  6. Potatoes also make wonders if used according to proper instruction. Take some potatoes and put them in your mixer and make potato juice to apply gently on your skin. It is again a natural bleaching product that acts as a skin whitener.
  7. Take the juice of cucumber by grating and squeezing it in your juicer. Apply it on your body on a regular basis to see the desired result.
  8. Curd is a very useful product that works best when mixed with 1 tablespoon of gram flour. It eliminates the dead tissues from the skin and encourages a fairer complexion.
How to get fairer skin
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