How to Get Free Computers for People on Welfare Benefits 2012 – Laptops For Unemployed People on Low Income

Is it possible to get free computers for people on welfare benefits or is that just hopeful thinking? The truth is that if you are on low income benefits then it is entirely possible to get a free computer either as a part of a new benefits for low income families program or through a charity. Getting a computer is increasingly important when internet access is almost required for many important activities.

Most job applications have online parts now so it can even be hard to obtain employment without good computer access. As such, the inability for low income people to buy a computer is a severe disadvantage that is affecting many American citizens. This is the sort of problem that effectively increases the poverty margin in the US and, as a result, the US government and various charities are doing everything they can to ensure that computers are provided to people on low income benefits.

In this article we take a look at the different ways that you can receive a computer free of charge and what is needed for you to do so. We also take a look at how you to get free laptops for schools from the US government.

Free Computer Benefits on Low Income – Getting a Computer for Free from the US Government

Your first option if you are on benefits for low income is to try to get a computer for free from the US government benefits for low income computer program. This benefits for low income program is trying to ensure that all people on low income benefits have access to computers and the internet in their daily lives.

To inquire about such benefits for people on low income you only need to go to your local welfare agency and ask a staff member there. Alternatively, you can call or email the office if you have access to such means. Benefits for low income people are readily available to people already on welfare but if you are not currently on welfare then you must apply and be accepted before you can apply for a computer.

Free Computer Benefits on Low Income – Obtaining a Computer for Free through Charity

If you cannot get benefits for families on low income then you can try to get a computer through a charity. The two main charities that are helping people who need computers but cannot afford them are the WCE and the CRC. The WCE, or World Computer Exchange, is a globally operating charity that supplies needy people and communities with computer access from it’s inventory of donated computers. If you are classed as low income in the US you will more thank likely be eligible for help through the WCE. The CRC, or Computer Recycling Center, is a US-based charity that recycles old computers into new and usable ones. It then gives these computers out to people that need them. Eligibility for a computer through the CRC are similar to those of the WCE though your case can be reviewed more closely if you were denied elsewhere.

Freecycle Charity Giving and Community Initiatives Benefits for Low Income People

If you are still having issues getting a computer despite being low income then your best option is to look into groups like Freecycle. These groups feature community members simply giving away the things that they no longer need, and this can include old computers. You do not have to give anything in return but it is a good idea to offer anything you no longer need to other people who might.

US Government Free Laptops for Schools – Department of Education

Free laptops for schools are a boon not only for students but for the community at large and it can have a long term impact on a community’s success. As such, the US Government is doing what it can to ensure that all schools, especially disadvantaged ones can receive free laptops for schools. To see if your school can receive computers through the US government simply contact the department of education via letter, email or phone call. While free computers for people on welfare benefits is helpful to the community at an individual level, computers for schools has a greater overall impact and cannot be ignored.

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