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How to Get Free Hotel Vouchers – Hotels for the Homeless

Are wondering how to get free hotel vouchers? Well you definitely can, especially if you are homeless yourself or are trying to help homeless people and families get these free hotel vouchers. You do however need to be prepared to put in some graft as well as be patient, so it is rarely a short term approach (although it has been known to happen).

Below, we explore several genuine techniques and strategies on how to get free hotel vouchers, which you can implement from your computer & phone, right now. So it doesn’t matter where you live whether it be Denver, Colarado, California or in San Diego, these methods to get into hotels for the homeless can be implemented all over the US.

Finding Your First Point of Contact

  • Hotels Managers & Staff – get the contact details (whether it be email, phone numbers, fax machine) of all your local hotels, motels & anywhere else that people up to stay and ask them for free hotel vouchers or if you can get free stay at the hotel — in turn you will provide them with positive press in the media etc.
  • Find Homeless People Who Have Got Free Hotel Vouchers Before – another more difficult yet highly effective route is finding other current or previously homeless people and families who had managed to get free stay at a hotel for a week or longer before. Then ask what hotel or motel it was, since they will be much more likely to do it again if they have done it before.
  • People of Local Authority – get in touch with your local sheriff and mayor (contact details are always very easily accessible via their governmental websites & dispatch centers), where they have multiple means of helping homeless people stay free in hotels with government assisted schemes (given that it looks good for their record books to have a low homeless rate in their area). They won’t help you themselves, but they know the best people who can and will likely refer you straight to them, that specialize in getting homeless families with no where to live free hotel vouchers.

Transitional Residence, Hostel and Temporary Shelter

There are lots of other places to consider staying if getting free hotel vouchers for homeless families is proving difficult. Here, are a list of very other viable options if you have no place to live and want to keep from living on the streets.

  • Churches & Religious Institutions – try getting in touch with near by churches and the like, you will find that they are often incredibly generous with letting the homeless stay for temporary shelter and a means of transitional residence, whilst you help yourself get back on your feet.
  • Hostels for the Homeless – there is likely to be large hostel that are supported by a number of local charites, which provide free one night accommodation for those who are homeless with children. Other specific shelter programs exist out there as well for people with special cases (ill and homeless, getting away from domestic abuse).

Long Term Residence for Homeless Families and People

Granted getting & learning how to get free hotel vouchers is decent for the semi-permanent scenario, but ultimately you will want to be finding a long term place of residence to stay. There are again a number of options for you to consider if you are soon to lose your home, job etc.

  • Cheap Hotels for Homeless – although you aren’t getting to live for free in hotels, there are many motels & hotels out there that are willing to truly subsidize living expenses, and are often much nicer places to live in — with care going into the rooms, rather than just leaving it to slowly crumble.
  • Low Income Housing – it is very likely you will have already bumped into this option if you have taken out some of the advice above (churches & homeless advice institutions will have at least touched upon it). Where instead of fixed rent, they may just take a relative proportion of the income you currently bring in. Very much, the way to go for most homeless families.

Hopefully you have taken something away from my guide on how to get free hotel vouchers along with a bit of optimism for the long term future, not just your temporary ones.

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