How to Get Free Kindle Books

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Free Kindle Books

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of a way to get free Kindle books on Amazon. Until then, I had no idea that dozens, if not hundreds, of books are offered for free. You don’t have to have a special account to access them. All you need is a Kindle book reader, or a similar device, such as an iPad, which allows you to store these digital versions.

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How to Get Free Kindle Books, Seekyt

Limited Selection

Amazon is in the business of selling books, not giving them away. However, the company does offer free books every day. Many of the best ones are featured on a rotating basis, though.

These selections, for instance, might be new releases that are free for a day or two. Or just long enough for someone to read, and then write a review.

Some of the other choices are probably books that didn’t do well in the open market. They were published a couple of years ago, and are now available at no cost.

Yet, some of them could be useful. For instance, recently there was a series of science books for children. You could put them in your cart and ‘buy’ them at no charge. These would have been appreciated by someone who is teaching their children at home.

Finding the Best Free Kindle Books

If you are interested in quality titles, then visit Amazon every couple of days. In the site’s search engine, type in the words, ‘free kindle books.’ If you want to get more specific, add the word ‘non-fiction.’ This will avoid the plethora of romance novels that will appear.

However, you will need an Amazon Kindle to access these freebies. The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best-selling models, and offers a low-cost way to read digital books.

How to Get Free Kindle Books, Seekyt

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How to Get Free Kindle Books, Seekyt
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