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How To Get Free School Uniforms For Low Income Families – Discounted Schoolwear For Kids


Free school uniforms for low income families is an important benefit that is provided to people who are living closely to the poverty line. Basic government benefits or minimum wages can barely pay for food and rent let alone the extra expanse of yearly school uniforms. Fortunately there are a few places where you can get help on low income when it comes to being able to purchase uniforms for your children. In this article we will take a look at the different places where you can get financial help with school uniforms.

How to Get Help with School Uniform Costs

Retail stores are not often going to help you with free clothing, they have investors to take care of after all. However, there are a few other places where you can get financial help with school uniforms. Let’s take a look at the top three available as help for people on low income.

Government Help for Families on Low Income

The government is the primary place for help for families on low income levels. If you are in receipt of government benefits such as welfare or a disability pension then you are only one step away from potentially getting financial help with school uniforms. The government often has programs for free school uniforms for low income families or they will sometimes help out by covering some of the costs of the purchase. Next time you head into your welfare office make sure to ask the assistant whether you can receive help to buy your children’s school uniforms.

School Programs for Help with School Uniform Costs

If you are not on welfare or if for some reason you cannot get help through a welfare program then your next best bet is to actually talk to your school. Many schools that have compulsory uniform requirements also have ways of helping people who cannot afford to meet those requirements – especially in low income areas. Sometimes the government even provides the funding to do this but in most cases it is an initiative by the school itself. Asking in person or via a phone call to the offices is the best way to find out if your school has such a program available. If they do not then you can ask whether they can recommend any other options to you or whether uniform requirements can be temporarily relaxed for your children. Sometimes a bit of extra time can help out.

Charitable Help With School Uniforms

If neither of the previous two options was successful for you then your next best hope for free uniforms for low income families is through a local charity. There are many charities that help with free school uniforms for low income families. The more commonly known ones such as the Salvation Army are a great place to start but there are also more specialized charities that deal specifically with school uniform struggles such as Common Threadz. Ask around at a few different charities and they may be able to help you out with some donated uniforms (both new and second hand).

Can’t Get Free School Uniforms for Low Income Families? Your Alternatives:

If you cannot get financial help with school uniforms through any of the above methods then you may have to settle for trying to get a good discount on wholesale, used or even self-made uniforms. There are always more options available to you even when you are completely broke and your children should not have to go without. Searching through used uniforms at a local thrift stores can net you some great pieces of clothing for less than $5 in some cases.

You can easily get two sets of uniforms for under $25 this way. If you prefer used then you could always try looking for online wholesalers online through websites like Searching for bulk shirts and pants can be a great option if you have a few children to outfit. If you are handy with a sewing machine then you can even try making some of the pieces of the uniforms yourself to save money. Remember that even if you cannot get help with free school uniforms for low income families then there is something else that you can do. In the past people were able to get uniforms sorted on a very limited budget and you can too.

How To Get Free School Uniforms For Low Income Families – Discounted Schoolwear For Kids
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