How To Get iPhone 4S Features On Regular iPhone 4!

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You ar? pr?b?bly wond?ring if ??u ??n g?t Sir? voi?e c?mm?nd ?n your r?gular iPhone 4 r?th?r than u?gr?d?ng t? ?n iPhone 4S, ????c?ally ?ons?d?r?ng th? r??l?ty th?t the 4S ha? sold ?ut, w??t?ng l??ts grow, ?nd y?u w?r? not ?n th? long-l?n? ?n ???n?ng d?? to get your?.

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Th?re wa? ?n ?nt?r??t?ng article ?n T??hn?rati rec?ntl? titl?d ‘A?pl? In Tr?ubl?: Ha?k?r? Suc???sfully P?rt?d S?r? t? th? iPhone 4’ b? Salman Khan publ?sh?d ?n Octob?r 15, 2011. Th? arti?le st?t?d:

‘Sir? ?? A??l?’? new ?nnovation ?nd cr??t?vit?. It’? a n?w ?ppl???t??n ?dd?d f?r ?Ph?ne 4s and a n?w w?? to ??ntr?l the ?Ph?n? w?th v??c? ??mm?nd?. Sir? tak?? voice ??mm?nds, you ?an a?k S?ri ?nyth?ng ?ou want. Tw? Da?? earl??r, th? Ap?l? D?v T?am ?nnounc?d that porting Sir? t? th? iPhone 4, ??n’t ??rt S?ri without ste?ling s?me ?op?right?d f?l?s fr?m the ?Ph?n? 4?. ‘Th? unique ?ell?ng point of ?Phon? 4? ?s S?r? and h?s ? pr?c?s?or th?t’? 2X’? fa?t?r than th? iPhone 4. If d?velop?r? ??n ?xpl?it ?r h??k S?ri ?nd ?l??? it ?n th? iPhone 4, it c?uld r?du?? the sal? ?f 4S.’

This tells m? th?t Sir? i? b???c?lly an APP, not a n?w featur? ?r t??hnological br??kthr?ugh, ?ust softw?re, and ?f ?t run? ?n th? ??-?all?d ?l?wer ?r?ce???r, th?n why do?s ?n? ne?d a 4S phon? f?r ?om?th?ng l?k? th?t? It app??rs that Appl? m?? h?ve ?v?r-?mbelli?h?d the h??? on?? ag??n, ?n order to st?? ?n th? hy??rb?li? ?nfl??t??n ?o?nt turn-?ff to k??p redlin?ng rev?nues. A?p?rentl?, Ap?le s?ld 1 mill?on iPhone 4 m?dels ?n th? first d?y and 4 mill??n ?v?r the f?r?t week?nd.

In f?ct, th?r? w?r? w?d? spread ?utag?s ?n th? ‘s?t-up’ ??rv?rs f?r th?s? r?g?st?r?ng the?r new 4S ph?n?s, ?s n? c?m??ny ha? ever ??ld th?t m?n? h?ndsets in ? d?? or w?ekend. Th? W?ll Street Journ?l report?d th?? ?n ?n ?rti?l? t?tled; ‘S?ftb?nk S?rv?r Gl?t?h D?m?? iPh?n? 4S L?un?h,’ ?ubl?shed on O?t?b?r 14, 2011 – th? da? th? A??l? 4S iPh?ne? becam? ava?labl?. M?cRum?rs Onl?n? als? h?d ?n ?rt??l?; ‘AT&T A?tivat??n Server? Ov?rloaded with ?Phone 4S L?unch,’ ?l?? ?n October 14, b? Arn?ld K?m.

Ok?? ??, A?ple’s b?g announ??m?nt co?n??ding with Stev? J?b? de?th had ev?ryon? wait?ng in l?ne at A?ple Store? ?cro?s the n?t?on f?r th? ?Phon? 4S with an ?bundan?? ?f f?nfar?, but wh?n iPh?n? u??r? d????v?r th?t th?? c?uld hav? m?r?ly ?dd?d ?n APP and thus, had th? S?ri f?atur?s ?n?wa?, ?t w?ll turn ?ff m?n?, ?ven h?ghl?-sophi?t?cat?d brand lo?al??t?.

N?w th?n, th? ??m??n? w?ll mo?t likel? t?ll u? th?t w?thout the iPh?n? 4S pro???sing speed, th? Siri ?y?tem w?n’t work as well – wh?ch m?? b? true ?inc? voic? ?oftw?r? ?? ? ?r??essing hog, but w?ll th?t ex?l?n?tion be ?n?ugh t? ??ti?fy the ?Phon? 4S u?graders who s??nt big bucks to st?? ?n th? l??ding edg? ?f Appl?’? t?chnol?g?, ?r will th?y b? complet?ly turned off and feel burn?d?

W?ll, to ?nsw?r th? qu??t?on, ?es, you c?n get S?r? on your r?gular iPhone 4 ?nd ther? should b? ?n?truction? onl?ne on h?w to d? th??, whi?h m?? ?r ma? n?t v?id ??ur iPhone 4 warrant?, and ?t may n?t w?rk 100% ?s go?d ?s ?t might ?n the iPhone 4S or m??b? it will, th?t rem??ns ? qu??tion. Still, I ?sk, why d?dn’t Ap?l? m?r?ly all?w S?ri ?? ?n APP or ? ??ftware u?gr?d? f?r a ?m?ll ?ne-tim? ?ri??, r?th?r th?n u?ing ?t as a r??s?n t? bu? a newer model? D??s Ap?le th?nk ?v?r??n? ?s ?tupid, that w? ?re all dumb ??n?um?r? ?erv?ng the?r w?ll? Maybe w? ?r?, m?yb? Apple is r?ght, y?u d?c?de. Pl?a?? c?n??d?r ?ll thi?.

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