News How to Get Kotex Coupons, Cottonelle Coupons and Kleenex...

How to Get Kotex Coupons, Cottonelle Coupons and Kleenex Coupons


You can get free coupons by clipping them out of magazines and newspaper inserts or even finding free printable coupons, but those coupons are often not worth as much as you had hoped. $0.50 cents off 2 boxes of Cheerios almost doesn’t seem worth the ink it takes to print it. Most coupons also disallow doubling or tripling, making them seem even less worth the hassle. If you are determined to coupon to save money, make it count. The Kimberly-Clark company is very giving with Kotex coupons, Cottonelle coupons, Kleenex coupons and many more of their household care products.

Step 1: Go to the Kimberly-Clark company website. You can browse the site for Kotex coupons, Cottonelle coupons, Huggies coupons, Kleenex coupons and more, but this is not where the really great coupons can be found.

Step 2: Find the Contact Us button.

Step 3: Fill in all the boxes on the Contact Us form. In the box that asked what you are contacting them about click General Comment.

Step 4: Tell how you use the product and/or enjoy it. If you want Kotex coupons, for example, tell how it is the only pad/tampon you like using. To get Kleenex coupons tell them how you always keep a box on hand during cold and flu season. Be specific about which kind, such as aloe because it’s so gentle on the skin. You can get Cottonelle coupons by telling them how gentle Cottonelle toilet tissue is on the skin.

Step 5: Give your name and address on the Contact Us form.

Step 6: Read the e-mail you receive in about 24 hours. Sometimes it may take up to 2 days. The e-mail will say thank you for taking the time to give them comments and, in return for your time, they will send you manufacturer’s coupons in the mail.

Step 7: If you did not provide your name and address previously there should be an offer to do so now by replying to the e-mail provided.

Step 8: In 2 – 6 weeks you will receive your manufacturer’s coupons in the mail. There should be one coupon for a free – or extremely discounted – product that you directly commented about, and other coupons for popular Kimberly-Clarke products. For example, if you e-mailed about Cottonelle you may receive a free Cottonelle coupon as well as a booklet containing Kotex coupons, Huggies Coupons, Kleenex coupons and other product coupons.

How to Get Kotex Coupons, Cottonelle Coupons and Kleenex Coupons
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