How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter – Get Tons Of Followers

Sensation celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox,Britney Spear and Rihanna have over 1,000,000 followers on their Twitter account and the numbers are keep on increasing everyday. Have you ever dream to become a Twitter celebrity as well and own over thousand of followers daily? Keep on reading below article to know those surefire tips that you can get more followers flow into your Twitter account.

Below move further, let have a look on those inspiring numbers of top 5 celebrities Twitter followers.

  1. Lady Gaga – 9,281,544 followers
  2. Britney Spear – 7,377,724 followers
  3. Kim Kardashian – 7,079,985 followers
  4. Taylor Shift – 5,911,267 followers
  5. 50cents – 4,379,525 followers.

Tip To Get More Twitter Followers

How you actually can turn yourself to become one of above Twitter celebrity to own over 1,000,000 followers on your account? You can refer on below tips to get yourself famous on Twitter.

1. Be Active on Twitter

You need to be active and able to give immediate responses for your followers posted tweet. Once people notice of your passion on Twitter, they will follow back on your tweet.

2. Update your Twitter Page

Try to make your Twitter page look different from the rest. You can add in customize photos, avatar or background theme that give other a refreshing outlook. If you have a attractive pages, most likely people will follow you back.

3. Join Twitter group

There are many Twitter group on different categories such as music, make money online, tech, entertainment news and social networking. You can join them then you’ll meet people who have same interest that want to be friends with you.

4. Promoting Your Twitter Page.

Do seek for any opportunities that can promote and advertise your page to people. You can either link your page on other social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Bebo to gain more followers or you can put link together with simple wording such as ‘Come and Follow Me On Twitter’ on your blog post and websites.

5. Include Twitter Link Page In Online Articles.

If you’re article marketing expert, then you can include link to your Twitter profile on your writing articles sites on Triond, Hubpages and Squidoo.

6. Actively Participate in Forums about Twitter.

You can join online forum and give full participation talking about Twitter. This sure will give a attention and popularity boost for those people who interested with your comments. If they find that you are same pages with them, then is high opportunity they will follow you back.

7. Use Online Twitter App To Get More Followers

There are hundred of web base Twitter application tool where help to manage and organize your account. Besides, twitter apps can provide traffic juice for those relevant and similar niche followers to visit your page. If your page suit their taste, they definitely will follow your Twitter account.

Top Choice Of Twitter Web Tool – TweetBig

Having problem when manage your twitter account? Looking for Twitter application where you can spent less time and gain maximize benefit from Twitter? Then, you should checkout latest web base Twitter tools – Tweet Big

TweetBig requires the work of managing your Twitter without sacrificing the intelligence and improve their advertising and marketing effort.This is perfect for the person who is willing to start using Twitter to promote your product or service or the person who just wants to save little time maintaining your Twitter account.

Features Include in TweetBig:

– You can tweet more than 140 characters
– An ‘Automatic Follow Back’ instrument will let them follow only people who follow them
– Define a range of time in which other people need to follow them back
– Users can analyze who’re following their competitors and start following them to be able to commence spreading their names around.
– and more..