How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

how to get motivated to lose weight
Are You Really Motivated to Lose Weight

Do you find yourself easily fatigued? Are you experiencing pains on your back, legs and feet more often? Are you struggling with the concept of figuring out how to get motivated to lose weight? Do you find your clothes getting smaller by the day? Do you actually know that you are continuously climbing the body mass index chart but is too apathetic to do something about it? Are you finding it hard to lose that more than extra weight? The Center for Disease Control has some alarming statistics and information about Obesity which can be helpful.

Are you Ready to Figure Out How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

If you answered yes to all of the questions stated above, you are a candidate to what I call the ‘Find your motivation to lose weight program.’ Yup, that’s right. You know you want to lose weight but you are also among those people who need a little push to get started and keep on going.

So if you haven’t found that something yet to motivate you to shed those extra pounds, here are some tips which might help you to finally find that inspiration you badly need.

Step 1. Set a realistic goal and figure out how to measure your progress. That means something you can “COUNT.” Examples might include simply setting a goal to measure and write down your weight for 30 consecutive days. Researchers at the Chicago University have shown a relationship between measuring and improving your behavior.

Make Sure You Can Measure Your Progress

First, find a role model. Not only someone you admire and for whom you have great respect for but someone you can relate to. This person should reflect the person you would like to become more of not mimic. Try to emulate that person’s lifestyle as well as his or her good qualities. Keep in mind that you are not trying to copy that person and act like his or her clone. Instead, a model should be your guide in owning that discipline to become better as an individual. What does he or she do that you don’t? What can you do to right your mistakes? What will your model do if placed in your shoes?

I Was Severely Overweight Until I Learned How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

Then, set another goal. Imagine yourself reaching that goal by first starting with the basic principles of how to learn to get motivated to lose weight, and reaping its benefits. Just remember that the goal you set should be short, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. It helps to set short-term goals that lead to your long term ones. If you’ve ever watched the show Biggest Loser or other similar TV programs with concepts surrounded on losing weight, you might want to learn how they come up with their daily goals and the corresponding tasks to accomplish these goals. You might also observe that people shown in these programs are most often the worst or most difficult cases. However, they are also the people who have what it takes to participate and overcome these grueling exercises, which makes you think, “hey, I’m far better off than them weight-wise, and if they can do it, why can’t I.”

Most importantly, the best way to learn how to get motivated to lose weight is to have something or someone important to you and which will be directly affected by the choices and the actions you make, and ultimately, reap the benefits of your success. The best example of this is your own health. When we leave our weight unchecked, and it gets out of hand, we expose our body to a multitude of illnesses and therefore put our lives at risk. This leads to another important motivation, which are your loved ones. Your family and friends sometimes hold greater concern for your welfare than yourself. Your own love for them and your regard for their feelings could be the greatest inspiration you could have. You may be surprised even, to find the things you are willing to go through, more for the sake of the ones you love so dearly than for your own self.