How to Get Off Your Butt and Clean The Kitchen

Here you will learn that it isn’t such a hard thing to get off your butt and clean the kitchen. We will discuss some of the most common clutter culprits and how to get rid of them with Decluttering & Cleaning Tips as well as some tips on making your own housekeeping to do list.


Things You will need Include:

According to the title you will need a kitchen to clean and a butt to get up off of to do so



Concentration & Ability

Kitchen Cleaning To Do List (if you are a list maker)

Garbage Bags


Dust Pan


Mop Bucket

Cleaning Cloths

Your Choice of Commercial Cleaners, or simply Warm Mild Soapy Water & a Clean Cloth

A Discarded Toothbrush

A Willing Helper is Always a Good Thing!

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1 Decluttering is one of the best areas to begin your housekeeping, whether you are cleaning the kitchen or any other area of your home. Decluttering is actually a very simple task. It involves picking up and getting rid of any unnecessary items that seem to be ‘junking up’ your home, in this case the kitchen.

Basically, you will take a garbage bag or an empty box depending on the items you need to get rid of while decluttering. To declutter, you simply pick the item up and then place it in the designated garbage bag or box for trash disposal or recycling. Once you are satisfied with your decluttering efforts it is wise to totally remove the garbage bags or recycling boxes from your home. This way the task is completed and you have extra room in your kitchen to do what you want to with it. You can follow this same step while decluttering your kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as the pantry. Once you are finished with your decluttering project you will move on to:

2 Sweeping the kitchen. Some individuals prefer to sweep before they begin, while others may choose to sweep after they finish and then there are still others who like to sweep before and after. This choice is up to you. However, just taking the time to sweep the floor can make such a difference in the appearance of any room, that it is one of the best ‘quick fix’ tasks for improving the appearance of a room. Once you have swept the floor, you may also choose to mop the floor and allow it to dry.


3 Wiping things off with a clean damp cloth is another quick fix for cleaning the kitchen. At this point you may want or need to determine whether there are any dishes that need attending by either putting the clean dishes away or washing any dirty dishes and allowing them to dry and then putting them in their place.

Some individuals may choose to do the dishes first or wipe the cabinets down first. Remember, the way we clean is just as personal as any other task we may take on. You may also want to consider the use of your favorite commercial cleaner or you can efficiently do the same job with the use of warm soapy water and a clean cloth for wiping down your kitchen cabinets as so on.

imageGE PSSS3RGZSS Side By Side Refrigerators


4 Cleaning the refrigerator may take some time, or it may only take a quick fix, depending on its condition of needing to be cleaned. The quick fix involves simply wiping up any spills and rearranging any items inside the refrigerator.

However, if you need to deep-clean the refrigerator, you should begin by removing any left-overs, or dishes and glasses that may be inside it. Once you have these items removed and dealt with in a proper manner, you can begin removing the shelve and drawers and washing them and allowing them to dry, while you wipe off the inside of the refrigerator. Once you are finished, simply replace the shelves and drawers and then any items you need to replace in the refrigerator. Then you will use your clean damp cloth or kitchen cleaner to wipe the outside of the frig.


5 Cleaning the stove top is best done while the spills are fresh and the stovetop hot or warm, since it is easier to clean up such messes as soon as possible.

*Be careful not to get burned. Cleaning an oven can be a hassle, my best recommendation is to use a self-cleaning oven. However, if you use a commercial oven cleaner, you should read and follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning the oven. Once you are finished, you should wipe the outside while using a clean damp cloth or your preferred commercial kitchen surface cleaner.

6 Make a kitchen to do list. They are very resourceful for staying focused as well as offering the satisfaction of marking a task as done. While making up your own cleaning to do list, include anything that you want to remember to take care of, for instance, here is my kitchen cleaning to do list:

– Counter tops

– Floors

– Cabinets

– Refrigerator

– Oven

– Microwave

It is simple and easy, however, you may wish to add in any details that are helpful to you.

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Tips & Warnings

Keep in mind that the amount of time you spend cleaning your kitchen will depend on the condition of the kitchen Enlisting the cooperation and aid of anyone in the home for keeping the kitchen clean and patrolling themselves = you make the mess, you clean it up, Before you leave the kitchen, can be quite resourceful for having and maintaining a clean kitchen.

Establish and Maintain your particular Rules of Kitchen Use, is a good idea as well as resourceful for reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do The items you remove while decluttering may be thrown in the garbage bin if it is no longer of good use, recycled depending upon the item, or even given away to someone else to use or donated to charity if it can benefit others

While Decluttering you will need to determine whether or not you should throw something away or recycle it, a good rule of thumb of course is, that if any particular item has not been in active use for at least 6 months, you should seriously consider doing away with it in some responsible way The condition of your home & kitchen can and will influence those that live there in various ways by means of different health issues.

These may range from common household allergies to many other home related health dangers or risks. In order to live healthily and happily it is best to have a clean, clutter-free home environment, especially in the kitchen.