How to Get on Your Commercial Printer’s Good Side

The customer is always right, they say, and normally this is the golden rule of any type of business transaction. With postcard printing and any other type of commercial printing service, however, not only does the commercial printing company have to please a customer, the customer also has to put in the effort to get into the printer’s good side as well. Any customer would find that his postcard templates would turn out better and much faster if there is a harmonious relationship between him and his printer, and who does not want greater satisfaction in exchange for just a bit more effort at friendliness?

One of the things you should do so that you can make the life of your commercial printing company easier is to do a lot of preparation before putting in your order. This not only makes the whole exchange faster and more efficient; it also goes a long way into showing your printer that you are a smart customer who does his research. Commercial printers always appreciate the regular business of a customer who knows what he is doing and what he is talking about because this makes for less hassle and fewer understandings between the different parties involved. Preparing well for you commercial printing request also has the added bonus of making you familiar about some aspects of postcard printing that you would not learn of otherwise.

Another thing you can do to get into your commercial printer’s good side and to ensure that you will be receiving high quality photo postcards full color postcards, and other types of full color postcards is simply to stop trying to find fault in everything the printer does. By not being too critical, you are showing that you are giving your printer some trust and they will respond by trying to show you that your trust is well-placed. Point out any mistakes and faults by all means, but do not make it seem like the printer can do nothing right. Of course, you must first look for a relatively reliable commercial printing company, because this simply does not work for printers who only care for profit.

Finally, while commercial printing is a fast trade that can get done within a couple of days, you still should make it a point not to trouble your printer with some last minute changes every single time you print. Commercial printing companies are only too happy to accommodate your requests, but if you do this every time, it can get annoying and there is no guarantee that your printer will be able to adapt fast enough to fulfil your wishes. Commercial printers will work fast simply because it is their job to please you, but for your sake and your printer’s sake, do not abuse this.

Again, it is the job of a commercial printing company to provide high quality prints with fast turnaround time so that a customer will be pleased. However, this does not mean that a customer cannot take an extra step so that the postcard printing is easier and goes much more smoothly for both parties involved. After all, if I were a commercial printer, I would make sure that all of the best customers also get the best postcard templates and service.