How to Get People to Give Your Their Money

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get people to give you their money? Of course free money is always a welcome addition for most families and individuals. There are a lot of people out there willing to give money away for free. The difficulty is getting to know them and also knowing how to ask for their donations. At times, if you’re willing to write a letter to some foundations asking for funds, you will surprised how easy it is to get them to send you a check. Of course, you shouldn’t start inventing stories about having cancer and trying to make the best of the two months you’ve got left.

Be Honest When You Ask for Cash

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There is no need to lie if you want people to give you their money. At times, a lot of charities or individuals will gladly help you if you already have a plan or an initiative you’re trying to start. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate either. You can decide to start a website to provide information for people trying to learn about technology or to help elderly people connect together. If you write a letter to the charity or an organization explaining what you want to do and what you’ve already achieved, they will be willing to give you a helping hand.

Be Reasonable and Realistic

When you’re trying to get people to give you their money, you don’t have to be greedy either. For example, the scenario mentioned above about setting up a website can be used to request funding for hosting and software purchase. If you ask for something as little as $500, you will be surprised how many people organizations will give you what you want.

Paypal Donations to Help People in Need

Another way to get people to give you their money is using online PayPal donation button. In order for people to do this, you need to provide compelling content. It is also a good idea to briefly state what you intend to do with the donation. For example, some people who develop WordPress themes include a donation PayPal button with the suggestion to give as little as five dollars. If those using your theme are happy with the free version, some will have no problem donating to help further your software development.

Improving the Odds

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a single person or a single organization if you want to get money. If you send about 20 letters to different people, you might get a third or even less that might be willing to help you. The best approach is to believe in yourself and also believe in the course you are trying to further. Most people who give away free money don’t like passive beggars. You need to show to your potential donors that you are cause worth assisting.

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