How To Get Ready For Vacation!

Have you ever thought you’d never get ready to go on vacation? It just occurred to me that in order to take a little vacation time, it requires a LOT of preparation. I’m almost exhausted before I’m off!

Working a full time job and writing online in my spare time means something’s gotta give! If I want that little bit of pleasure of taking a fun road trip then the writing had to stop so I could get the things done to go:

Here’s a few important things on my list of the never ending items you need to make sure to do before you get ready for vacation:

  • Animals are taken care of and there’s plenty of food and instructions to the one’s who are dog or cat or bird sitting.
  • Mail is being picked up so the crazy neighbors next door (that’s if you have them) won’t go through your mailbox and take your good magazines and newspapers!
  • If you made reservations at a hotel, confirm them a day or two before. Stranger things have happened and some times the confirmation doesn’t go through so it’s best to put that on your checklist.
  • Any coupons or ‘groupons’ in my case are tucked away in your luggage so you can present them when you get to your destination.
  • Try to find out what the 10 day forecast is going to be like so you can take along the correct type of clothes.
  • If you fly, do the same as above and make sure the reservations are still confirmed. One time we had a flight change about 5 times before we even left town. Luckily, I had checked right before I left the house and we got on the right flight.
  • Don’t tell anyone on Facebook you are leaving home. Or twitter for that matter. I sure would hate to go back home and find my house cleaned out because I was stupid enough to announce my place would be empty for a few days or longer.

Here’s a little one minute video of a Dad getting his family up for vacation:

So get out your pen and paper and make that list and really check it off as you go because there is always something that may get missed. I’m sure there are a lot of things you can think of that need to be done but this is just a partial list of quick things to remember when you get ready for vacation.