How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux With Natural Remedies

Changes ?n lifestyle ?nd diet ??n help reduce th? severity ?f acid reflux ?r even get rid of ?t completely ?f diagnosed early. One needs t? find ?ut th? natural remedy th?t works best f?r th?m, ?? results w?uld widely vary f?r ?v?r? individual.

The acid reflux disease ?l?? known ?? gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) ?? ? condition wh?r? th? gastric acid flows b??k into th? esophagus causing ? burning sensation ?nd discomfort b?h?nd th? breastbone.

Chronic symptoms ?f heartburn need consultation w?th ? physician t? rule ?ut th? cause ?f acid reflux. Peptic ulcers, hiatus hernia, gastritis, sphincter defect ?f esophagus ?r? ??m? conditions mimicking GERD symptoms. Smoking, alcohol ?nd pregnancy ?r? ??m? risk factors causing symptoms ?f acid reflux disease.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Avoid ?v?r-eating ?nd late-night snacking
  • Maintain upright position after meals
  • Smaller meals help easy digestion, eating ?t l???t 3 hours b?f?r? bedtime ?? advisable
  • Quit tobacco ?nd smoking
  • Weight reduction ??n aid ?n releasing th? pressure ?n stomach th?t causes th? liquid t? reflux into esophagus
  • Wear proper fitting ?r loose clothes, avoid waist bands th?t w?uld exert force ?n th? abdomen thu? causing acid reflux
  • Adequate sleep ?? necessary f?r proper digestion ?nd relaxation
  • Tilted sleeping position wh?r? th? upper half ?f th? body ?? elevated reduces th? risks ?f reflux. Lying ?n th? left side helps digestion
  • Stress affects digestion ?f food causing acid reflux. Regular yoga, meditation ?nd exercise helps t? b? stress-free
  • Medications ??uld b? ? possible cause ?f heartburn ?nd need t? b? stopped ?r complemented w?th ?th?r drugs ?r alternative therapies t? curb ?t? harmful effects

Eliminating Acid Reflux – Foods t? Avoid

Coffee, alcohol, spicy food, chocolate, peppermint ?nd fatty foods tend t? aggravate symptoms. Carbonated drinks, tomato sauce ?nd fried foods increase acid secretion. Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges ?nd pineapple ?h?uld b? avoided. Avoid processed ?nd flavored foods. In addition t? th? ?b?v? foods, th?r? ?r? specific substances th?t cause heartburns ?nl? ?n ? particular individual. A food diary w?uld help find ?ut ?u?h foods.


  • Water helps dilute th? acid wh?n th? reflux ?? mild.
  • Milk ??n b? ? good reliever ?f acid reflux ?nd ???????ll?. cold milk helps reduce th? acidic effect.
  • Coconut water, buttermilk w?th coriander juice ?? ?l?? known t? reduce acidity.
  • Increase fiber intake w?th lots ?f vegetables like leafy vegetables, bitter gourd, cucumber ?nd pumpkin.
  • Fruits like banana, watermelon ?nd papaya help reduce acidity.
  • Increase wh?l? grains ?nd protein ?n ??ur diet.

How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux With Alternative Remedies

  • Ginger ?nd garlic ?r? known t? aid ?n th? digestion process ?nd thu? reduce th? b??k u? ?f contents into esophagus
  • Fennel seeds benefits ?n digestion ?nd acts ?? ? powerful reliever ?f heartburns. It ?? ??th?r consumed w?th warm water ?r ?? fennel tea
  • Herbal tea ?nd green tea ?? known t? b? effective
  • Apple cider vinegar consumed w?th meals ?l?? cures heartburns
  • Licorice ?nd Aloe vera ?r? good f?r stomach ailments ?nd acidity
  • Lemon juice along w?th rock salt ?h?uld b? taken 2 hours b?f?r? meals
  • Cardamom, chamomile ?nd sandalwood ?r? ??m? herbs used t? f?r ?t? soothing effects ?n stomach

Careful diagnosis ?nd prevention ?f causative factors w?uld b? th? first step towards getting rid of acid reflux naturally.