How to get rid of ants easily

Ways to getting rid of ants

Ants are the living devils which invade our house most frequently. Whenever they find any dirty places or something that has not been cleaned for a long time they make their move in no time to attack on that area. In order to prevent the ants from entering your home you can follow certain tips and easy tricks.

Some tips to get rid of ants:

Destroy the Queen ant. The queen ant gives birth to several ants. It lives in the nest and hides at the bottom of the nest. So by reaching the source immediately and killing it will help to abolish their very existence.

Ants are uninvited but roam freely around a dirty place for food. If you keep your rooms, rather every corner of your room clean ants will not come back and will search for other places for goodies. Try to spray mild bleaching powder on the surfaces and top of the tables regularly. Wipe down the dirt by mopping, vaccuming, sweeping and washing all the places on daily basis. Use air-tight food containers to discourage the ants from attacking.

Single ant often comes to detect a proper place to invade. If you let it back to its colony and inform its friends to bring them with it to the spot then the number of ants will surely multiply. Hence it is better to kill the lone ant at the first place and if it is left alive the other ants will come following a scent trail. The trail can be wiped out by spraying a bleach solution on it and further mopping it by a wet paper towel. Another way is to vacuum the ants by talcum powder and then putting diatomaceous earth to ruin them to make sure they do not make their home inside the vacuum cleaner.

Since ants are too small and tiny to get into notice they can easily crawl through doorways and unsealed or open places. Most of the time one can hardly discover their entry and they march into room being unobserved.To prevent their entry you can seal windows and doors and fill the cracks with caulk or put cucumber slices near them as ants hate cucumber. Diatomaceous earth is something that kills the ants by taking out the moisture from their body and is used at a dry environment. Putting salt under the doors and walls serves this purpose as well. Baby powder and Tailor’s chalk consist of talc which is thought to be very useful in destroying the ants.But before using the baby powder you should check its ingredients as some of them are not effective in killing ants. Though normal chalk and ‘ant chalk’ look alike their utility is different and therefore you should make sure that you are using ant chalk that is made of talc instead of gypsum. Cornmeal is another substance that is poisonous to ants and kills them instantly after its consumption. Vinegar, peppermint oil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper are some of the substances that can be used as weapons against ants but with much caution as they can be harmful to pets and children.

The most popular mechanism to finish the ants off is to use the ant-poison called Terro which contains boric acid powder or borax with maple syrup that is the commonest bait for killing ants. The bait can be weaker or stronger and takes time to end them according to its nature.The ants carry the boric acid with them to their colony and spread the acid around it which at once destroy the colony. If proper timing and quantity is applied a large colony can be perished by this bait though it can take several weeks or months to complete the task. Make the baits by one cup water,two cups of sugar and two tablespoons of boric acid or three cups of water with one cup of sugar and four tablespoons of boric acid. If there is a trail put the bait next to it to attract a colony to it and they will be finished as soon as they bear the poison back to the nest.