How to Get Rid of Centipedes

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Centipedes are creepy insects that everyone hates to see in their house. Centipedes usually have 30-34 legs (15 – 17 pairs). This means that they can crawl extremely fast. Usually these nasty bugs live in the basement and can crawl up through the vents. They may make their way to your bathroom or even in your kitchen sink. Getting rid of these nasty bugs will make your whole family feel a lot better.

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-If you see a centipede crawling in your house, the best thing to do is to step on it while you are wearing shoes, or spray it with a potent spray that will kill him. Hairspray, Off and Static Guard are a few popular sprays that can be used.

-You can prevent them from even coming into your house by depriving them of food and keeping your basement dry. Centipedes eat other bugs that may be living down there including; spiders, termites and cockroaches. All these bugs also like to live in a damp and moist basement. Making sure your basement is clean and dry will prevent them from even entering your home. You can use a dehumidifier to suck out all the moisture in your home.

-Another thing you can to if you want to get rid of centipedes is set up traps. You can buy traps at the store or set up your own sticky trap to get them caught inside. Not only will you catch centipedes, but you will be able to catch other annoying bugs and insects as well.

-Sealing your home is another great way to get rid of centipedes. These small little bugs can crawl through the tiniest holes and cracks in your home. Using caulk to seal up any entry ways will keep the bugs out.

-Sprinkle Borax laundry detergent on your basement floor to eliminate these multi legged insects. The powder will wear down the cuticle of the insect which will ultimately kill them. Be sure to coat your entire basement floor with this soap, including any wooden boards or concrete piles that you may have in your basement. Remember that these insects can crawl so it important to cover as much of one area as possible.

-If you have tried all the above methods and you still have problems with centipedes you may need to hire a professional. Professionals have certain types of remedies and potent poisons that will kill the bugs and keep them out.

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