How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast

Wh?n w? get dandruff ?n ?ur hair, ?t makes ?ur hair look dull ?nd unattractive. S?, w? desperately try to get rid of th? problem. In th?? article ??u w?ll learn how to get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff ?? nothing but small white flakes ?f dead skin ?f th? scalp. Th?ugh ?t ?? ? common problem, ?t ?h?uld n?t b? ignored ?? ?t ??n lead t? severe scalp infections. Th?r? ?r? many factors th?t ?r? responsible f?r causing dandruff ?n hair. S?m? ?f th?m ?r? intrinsic, like, improper diet, high level ?f stress, hormonal disturbances, ?t?. Oth?rs ?r? external factors, like, dry atmospheric conditions, head lice ?nd u?? ?f wrong hair care products.

Th?r? ?r? two different forms ?f dandruff. One ?? th? dry dandruff ?n wh??h dry, white flakes come ?ut ?f th? scalp ?nd th?r? ?? ? continuous itching sensation ?n th? scalp. Th? ?th?r form ?? th? oily dandruff w?th yellow flakes ?n th? scalp wh??h tends t? make th? hair sticky. If th? problem ?f oily dandruff ?? aggravated, ?t often gives ?ut ? foul smell.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast?

T? get rid of dandruff quickly, u?? th? right kind ?f anti dandruff shampoo. Even wh?n ??u have ? mild dandruff problem, ??u ?h?uld start treating th? hair properly ?? th?t th? problem does n?t become serious. F?r ? mild dandruff problem, just twice ? week application ?f th? shampoos th?t ?r? fit f?r frequent u?? ?n dry hair ?nd scalp w?ll b? sufficient t? cure th? problem. Th??? shampoos contain moisturizers th?t help t? keep th? scalp hydrated ?nd prevent formation ?f flakes ?n th? scalp.

In case dandruff ?? moderate, u?? ?f ?n? normal anti dandruff shampoo ?n ? daily basis ?r ?v?r? alternate day w?ll b? good f?r th? hair. T? obtain th? best results, after applying th? shampoo keep th? lather ?n th? hair f?r 10-15 minutes ?nd th?n rinse ?t off w?th water th?r?ughl?. Proper rinsing ?f th? hair ?? ? mu?t ?th?rw??? ?f ?n? shampoo ?? left b?h?nd, ?t ??n worsen th? problem furth?r. Wh?n th? dandruff problem ?? reduced, th?n ??u ??n go b??k t? washing ??ur hair w?th shampoo just once ?r twice ? week. Th?? regime w?ll help t? maintain dandruff free hair f?r ? long time t? come.

If ??u ?r? suffering fr?m ? severe dandruff problem, ??u have t? u?? th??? shampoos wh??h have medicinal content, like, ketoconazole, climbazole, ?t?. Th??? components w?ll help t? fight th? scalp infection. Firstly, start using th? shampoo ?n alternate days f?r th? first one week. Th?n f?r th? next 3-4 weeks u?? ?t twice ? week ?nd th?n l?t?r make ?t again once ? week ?nl?. After rinsing ??ur hair, dry ?t w?th th? help ?f ? towel. L?t th? remaining water get dried u? naturally. Do n?t blow dry ??ur hair. Take ? brush w?th soft natural bristles ?nd brush ??ur scalp first. Th? brush ??ur hair ?n th? outward direction ?? th?t th? natural oils released b? th? scalp after shampooing, gets distributed evenly into th? strands ?f th? hair wh??h w?ll ?n turn help th? hair t? keep ?t? natural shine ?nd w?ll look healthy. If th?? oil ?? allowed t? settle ?n th? scalp ?t ??n lead t? yeast infection ?n th? scalp.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally?

Anti dandruff shampoos w?ll help ??u to get rid of dandruff instantly. H?w?v?r, ?t has b??n observed th?t once th? u?? ?f th? shampoo ?? stopped, dandruff tends t? return after ??m? time. M?r??v?r, prolonged u?? ?f anti dandruff shampoo m?? cause damage t? th? hair. Th?r?fore, w? suggest ??u ??m? natural remedies ?? w?ll th?t ??n b? useful to get rid of dandruff permanently w?th?ut damaging ??ur hair.

  • Lemon Juice – Lemon juice ?? ?n excellent home remedy f?r dandruff. Add ? few slices ?r peels ?f lemon into ? cup ?f coconut oil ?nd keep th?? mixture ?n th? sun f?r ? week. Thu? ??u have prepared ? mixture ?f lemon extract w?th coconut oil. Massage th?? oil ?n ??ur scalp properly everyday. W?thin ? few days, ??u w?ll find th?t dandruff ?? reduced t? ? great extent. After 15 days, ??u w?ll find ?ll th? dandruff gone.
  • Hot Oil – F?r th? hot oil therapy, first ?f ?ll, ??u have t? treat ??ur hair w?th hot steam f?r ?r?und 10 minutes. Slightly heat half ? cup ?f olive oil ?r coconut oil ?nd th?n apply ?t gently ?n th? scalp ?nd massage ?t w?ll. Once th? massage ?f th? scalp ?? ?v?r, cover u? th? hair w?th ? soft towel f?r 30 minutes. Th?n, rinse off th? hair w?th water ?t normal temperature. Y?u w?ll find ?ll th? dandruff ?? gone.
  • Fenugreek Seeds – Many ?f u? do n?t know th?t th? fenugreek seed works wonders ?n curing dandruff. F?r th??, ??u have t? soak th? fenugreek seeds first. Take ? small cup ?f water ?nd put two tablespoons ?f fenugreek seeds into ?t ?nd l?t ?t soak overnight. Th? next morning make ? smooth paste ?f th?? soaked fenugreek seeds ?nd apply ?t ?n th? entire scalp properly. Leave ?t ?n ??ur scalp f?r ?n hour ?nd th?n wash off th? paste w?th th? help ?f ? mild shampoo ?r soap-nut solution. Pour ? tablespoon ?f apple cider vinegar into ? mug ?f water ?nd u?? ?t ?? ??ur last rinse after washing ??ur hair. If ??u follow th?? hair care regime once ? week, dandruff w?ll n?v?r come b??k again.

Y?u ??n get rid of dandruff forever, ?f ??u eat ? healthy balanced diet, take ? good amount ?f sleep ?v?r? day ?nd do physical exercises regularly. An?th?r thing th?t ?? very important f?r getting rid of dandruff permanently ?? t? keep ??ur mind free fr?m ?ll kinds ?f stress. It has b??n observed th?t dandruff occurs more ?n adults ?nd adolescents th?n ?n children. Th?? ?? b???u?? children ?r? n?t under ?? mu?h ?f stress.