How to get rid of dark underarm

Simple steps to get rid of dark underarm

Dark underarm is a kind of skin problem that has become a cause of worry among men and women alike.Due to the discoloration of underarm skin one often fears to wear sleeveless tops or shirts in order to avoid embarrassment. It becomes very uncomfortable to raise hands and people get self-conscious when they go out or interact with others. It reduces one’s self esteem and self-confidence to communicate with people around. Specially the dark underarm becomes more visible in people with fairer complextion.

Some of the commoon reason of darkunderarm:

  1. Excessive sweat is a reason behind dark underarm. People who have acidity problem and high toxin in the body become the victims of dark underarm as high toxin leads to more sweat to be generated.
  2. Tight clothing that causes rubbing against the underarm skin is often the root of discoloration of underarm.
  3. The extra fat in your surrounding skin if you are overweight results in darker color of underarm.
  4. Women use deodorant to get rid of sweat but the chemical present in these deodorants especially roll-on deodorants affect the skin and darken the area.
  5. People shave the underarm part with razors to remove the extra hair growth but in reality razors cannot remove the hair from the root instead they increase the roughness on the skin.
  6. Patients of high sugar,blood pressure and thyroid are prone to have dark underarms.People with sensitive skin that are allergic to cosmetic products are more likely to have dark armpits.
  7. Excessive use of hair removing creams that are used by women may cause dark underarm because of its harmful chemical ingredient.
  8. Sometimes dark underarm is the result of simply genetic problem.

Some simple steps to get rid of dark underarm:

  1. Waxing is supposed to be one of the fastest ways to remove the skin-hair from its very root and gives a clean and smooth skin.It is at the same time a safer way to eliminate the dead skins that grow at the surface of the underarm.
  2. You may opt for a skin whitening product that lightens the darker part of the underarm skin.But before choosing these products one must consult a dermatologist as many such products contain hydroquinone that may result in skin cancer in future.
  3. Try scrubbing and exfoliating as they prevent the skin from getting darker in tone by removing the dead cells and residues left by the use of an antiperspirant.Using pumice stone is also helpful in this respect.
  4. People with lesser hair growth can go for spa treatment as it makes the dark skin lighter.
  5. Maintain proper hygiene and wash your body with a good care to avoid dark underarm.

Some home remedies to get rid of dark underarms:

  1. Use baking soda on the underarm skin for lighten the portion after bath. Or you may apply coconut oil at a daily basis on the affected skin for better result.
  2. Message your underarm with slice of lemon regularly to free yourself from dark underarm. Do it for 4-5 minutes and next wash it off with cold water followed by the use of a moisturizer. The acidic quality of lemon works as a natural bleach that helps to reduce the darker tone of the skin.
  3. Another natural bleaching agent is potato slice that should be used on the dark skin everyday for minimum 15 minutes. After that wash it with water and see the wonder it does to lighten the skin.
  4. Mix sandalwood powder with 2 teaspoon of rosewater and apply it on the underarm. Leave it to dry out and then wash it with cold water. This home-made paste is one of the effective methods to remove darker underarm.
  5. Vitamin E is supposed to work strongly against dark armpit.Therefore use vitamin E oil on the dark skin as it helps to reduce pigmentation.
  6. Add gram flour with lemon juice,tumeric powder and yoghurt and apply the mixture to your affected area for 45 minutes. Try it for 3 to 4 times a week for lighter underarm.
  7. Using cucumber juice on your underarm part is also effective in removing the sign of dark armpit.Leave it for a few minutes to get dry and wash it afterward with cold water.