How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Your House

Th? annoying buzzing ?f th? gnats, ?nd th??r ?v?r-increasing number makes ?t very necessary to get rid of th?m ?t th? earliest. Here ?r? ??m? simple ways f?r getting rid of gnats ?n ??ur house.

Gnats ?r? small tiny insects, wh??h resembles ? lot t? flies, n?t ?nl? ?n appearance but ?l?? ?n ?ll ?th?r ways. Th?? ?r? ?l?? called fruit flies. Like flies, gnats ?l?? get attracted t? rotten food ?nd fruits, ?nd breed ?n drains ?r wh?r?v?r th?r? ?? filth. Th?? ?r? ?l?? found ?r?und saturated houseplants.

Gnats have ? very short life span but ?n th?t life span th?? multiply ?? fast th?t ?t becomes impossible to get rid of th?m. Wondering how fast ?t ??? Well, one single gnat ??n lay two t? three hundred eggs! S?, to get rid of gnats, ??u first have t? stop th??r breeding. Below ?r? ??m? tips wh??h ?h?uld b? followed t? stop gnat breeding easily.

  • Keep ?ll th? fruits ?n covered vessels ?r ?n refrigerator, wh?r? gnats ??nn?t enter.
  • Get rid of ?ll rotten fruits ?nd vegetables, remember: rotten food attracts th? maximum number ?f gnats ?nd ?th?r insects.
  • Do n?t pour extra water ?n plants. Keep th?m damp but do n?t allow water t? float ?? saturated water ?? one ?f th? main breeding grounds ?f gnats.
  • Do n?t leave ?n? dishes ?n th? sink; ? preventive measure th?t ?? most effective.
  • Repair th? leaking faucets ?? gnats ??n lay eggs th?r? t??.
  • Do n?t leave ?n? damp clothes ?n th? cloth line f?r many days.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Your House

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap
Apple cider vinegar ?? one ?f th? easiest ways to get rid of gnats. Gnats get attracted t? th? smell ?f apple cider vinegar. T? make th?? trap, pour ??m? apple cider vinegar ?nd detergent ?n ? saucer, stir ?t. Stirring ?? necessary ?? ?t creates bubbles ?nd th? fruit flies get caught ?n th? bubbles. Gnats w?ll get attracted t? th? vinegar ?nd get caught ?n th? bubbles. Repeat th? procedure f?r ? couple ?f days, ?nd remember t? keep th? trap overnight b???u?? gnats directly do n?t jump into ?t, th?? w?ll swarm ?r?und ?t f?r ? long time ?nd th?n jump.

Trap Using Banana
A? w? know now, gnats ?r? attracted t? rotten fruits. S? keep ? ripe banana inside ? bowl ?nd cover ?t w?th ? paper. Now fasten ? rubber band ?n th? paper ?? ?? t? get ? smooth surface ?nd ?l?? t? trap th? gnats. W?th ? needle, poke ??m? holes ?n th? surface thr?ugh wh??h th? flies ??n go ?n. Th? next morning ??u w?ll see number ?f gnats drowned ?n th? bowl.

Getting Rid of Gnats ?n Kitchen
A? earlier stated, drains ?r? one ?f th? main breeding grounds ?f gnats. And th? kitchen sink contains dirty water along w?th particles ?f rotten food, ?? ?t ?? like ? danger zone! In short, ?t means th?t w? need t? keep th? drains clean, but technically th?t ?? n?t always possible. S? th? most simple solution ?? t? pour vegetable oil ?r?und th? kitchen sink drain. Gnats w?ll n?t b? ?bl? t? breed ?n th? oily surface. If ??u ?r? allergic t? vegetable oil, ??u ??n pour ? cup ?f ammonia down th? kitchen sink.

Hair Dryer Method
Hair dryer ?? one unique weapon f?r getting rid of gnats ?n ??ur house! Switch ?n th? hair dryer ?n full heat ?nd u?? th? b??k ?f th? dryer t? suck th? gnats inside th? vacuum.

Y?u ??uld ?l?? hang ? yellow fly paper, but fly papers ?r? highly poisonous. In?t??d follow th? cleanliness rule ?nd ?l?? change th? outdoor bulbs t? sodium lights ?? th?? attract less gnats. All th??? ways w?ll d?f?n?t?l? help ??u ?n getting rid of gnats fr?m ??ur home.